Workout Slump

workout slump
So, here we are coming up on the end of summer.  It’s been beautiful, mild, busy and fun!  I hope yours has been as well.  You know what’s not so breezy and beautiful?  My current workout slump.  I LOVE MY GYM in town, it’s the best.  I try to take a class a day.  The only problem is me!  I am going through a summer slump.  I tried to shake things up yesterday morning with a nice (horrifying) run around my neighborhood.  About a half mile in I truly considered calling a cab (sort of).  I know I know, this tells me I need to have that nice run about every other day (especially to prepare for my four miler at the end of September!).  I have to go now and get ready for my TRX class at noon.  What do you do to stay motivated and out of a workout slump?  HELP!

PS I LOVE this shirt on  It’s so true right?!
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