What’s Up with Krill Oil?

A friend recently asked for my thoughts on krill oil and my mind wandered over to the words healthy, omega 3s, fish oil…I haven’t taken those in a while…

But then she proceeded to tell me there was a bit of controversy related to these little krill capsules so I immediately went into researcher mode.

If you don’t take a fish oil supplement, don’t want to, and don’t care about krill, this post isn’t for you. But I was even more intrigued about the controversy when I read that Whole Foods stopped carrying the product in 2010. Whaaaaaat? Where have I been?

There is a question of sustainability in using krill for human consumable supplements. Specifically according to Whole Foods:

“Krill are an important source of food for marine animals including penguins, seals, and whales in the Antarctic. Declines of some predator populations in the areas where the krill fishery operates suggest that fishery management needs to better understand how to evaluate the prey requirements of other marine species in order to set sustainable catch levels for krill. Consequently, at present we are choosing to discontinue the sale of krill supplements as we continue to evaluate this emerging research. Please consider alternatives to krill oil supplements such as fish oil or astaxanthin supplements.”

Wow! I was shocked I had missed all this. I don’t currently take a fish oil but I do eat a lot of fish heavy in Omega 3s and take a shot of chlorella at least once a day. Evidently we can get the same benefits of krill oil from regular old fish oil, flax seed oil, and algae based supplements (hellllllloooooo chlorella) AND save money.

After reading this super eye opening article, I don’t think I want to take any FISH oil supplements (most are rancid…ugh!). It has nothing positive to say about krill oil and honestly states there isn’t much research to support it has major health benefits. I think I am going to PASS!

So, as always, do your own research and remember where and how you spend your money is a decision that affects a LOT of people, places, things. I just like to get your mind moving and asking questions. I am certainly thankful for friends of mine who inspire the same in me.


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