5 Reasons to Drink More Water


One of the first questions we ask our clients is how much water are you drinking? 90% of the time the answer is, “not enough.”   Don’t feel bad, most Americans are not drinking enough water. In fact, 75% of Americans are walking around right now chronically dehydrated. CRAP?! 75%   That is scary….

WHY is it important for us to hydrate? I am not talking vitamin water, Gatorade, Coca-Cola zero, tea, coffee, beer, vodka, or any other method of liquid intake on the market. I am talking strait, clean, refreshing water. This is the foundation to new beginnings or enhancing your current clean eating lifestyle.

5 reasons to drink more water.

Are you trying to lose weight? Water suppresses the appetite. Your brain will mistake dehydration for hunger so, when we cannot figure out WHY we are still hungry after that hefty snack or meal, drink more water. Drink water before every meal, coffee, tea, etc. You will start to see that you may actually be dehydrated and not hungry.

Nutrient content.  We want to get the best out our vitamins and food. You know that 30 dollar multivitamin you bought last month that you are painstakingly taking every day? You need water to absorb that! You need water assist with every function in your body. You must be hydrated to absorb those nutrients in the body.

Energy! Who does not want more energy? We all look at our 4 year olds and wonder if we will ever have that much energy again… or your super active friend standing next to you, AHEM (tiffany).   Nutrients give us energy, therefore dehydration has the opposite effect.. we are D R A G G I N G. I notice that 95% of the time my 3 o’clock slump is from not drinking enough water!

Let’s talk superficial. Who does not want clear skin? You know those chicks with glowing skin? What is their secret? You can put all of the 100 dollar bottles of goop on your face, travel the depths of the sea for sea poop and make a mask, but water is the #1 answer to beautiful skin. We have plenty of tips for your skin and hair but the foundation to everything is w a t e r! So whether you are in the club, rocking out in the car, or on the couch… pop those water bottles.

Flush out those toxins. You read it in Shape Magazine, the nutrition expert on GMA is always dropping the phrase, and these cleanses say you need to get rid of them.. yep, toxins are hard to avoid. A lot of these toxins are environmental. When you are running and have a tractor trailer hit the gas as he goes by, he just crop dusted you with toxins. It’s life. Toxins are everywhere. What is the number one thing we can do every single day to flush them from our system? That’s right sister, drink that water. Literally flush those toxins down the drain.

We want you to CRAVE it because we are here to assist you in healthy addictions. Yes, it is possible to be addicted to water.

INFUSE IT!   We all want pretty. Let’s pretty up your water AND enhance it with nutrients. This way, you want to drink it.

See picture and our water viddy on great ideas, advice, and how much water we should be drinking! We want to challenge all the BEC babes out there to increase your water intake for 2 weeks and tell us how it has changed you! We will review your stories and send our favorite water drinking babe story a special prize.

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