This Month’s BEC BADA$$ (it’s a good one, y’all!) McKenzie Payne


McKenzie! We can’t thank you enough for answering a few questions for our BEC readers. We love your business, your story, your products and your website, you truly are a BEC BADA$$!


Tell us your name, business, location and a little bit about your family.

First of all thank you for the opportunity to share my story and I’m honored to be featured here. I love following BEC!

I am McKenzie Payne owner of Mac’s Smack, a socially-conscious skincare company in Hanover, Virginia.

My husband and I have 3 boys ages Jack (9), Gabriel (7 ) & Cooper (1), a golden retriever named Charlie, and 7 chickens. We are known to skip town on a whim and are always up for an adventure. We love to be outside, eat well and joke alot!


If anyone has heard your story, she knows you have always been into products. But it wasn’t until somewhat recently that you began to read labels and have more of a concern for what is actually in the food you eat and the products you put on your body. What raised your awareness?

Having a child is such a transformative time in a woman’s life. When my first son was born I started analyzing all the ways to better myself and my family. I was curious about the food we were eating and growing and became an avid label reader, realizing I couldn’t pronounce most of the ingredients in our processed foods and body care items. I was also concerned with all of the perfumes and “high end” skincare products and cosmetics I was using, none of them had ingredient lists. I want to know exactly what I’m putting in and on our bodies.


Was Mac’s Smack always the plan or did the business evolve through years of making products for yourself?? What was the first product you sold and how did you get your products on the shelves of local businesses?

Originally I started researching ways to make lip products to develop a better alternative than the stuff I’d used most of my life. I thought I’d set up a stand outside of our home and sell vegetables from our gardens and homemade lip balm as a fun way to keep me and my little guys outside. 
Once I became obsessed with the research and development process I quickly decided I wanted to share my formulations with my community, give back to local organizations and help with family expenses. I gave out samples and gathered feedback from local farmers, business owners, friends + family. My first event I sold out of the 40 lip balms I had made. I was stoked and from there I approached local businesses, gave them samples and asked if they’d like to carry my products.


As a label reader, I know you’re concerned with how you eat and what you feed your beautiful family. Can you tell us some clean go to items you cook at home? Are you a snacker? What would we find in your fridge and pantry? Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Luckily we have amazing neighbors who bring us fresh chicken, beef, eggs and homemade cookies frequently. I cook a lot of vegetables, meat and rice and we eat tons of fruit and smoothies. These boys eat!  I’m only a snacker when I’m nursing a babe and I usually grab chocolate (guilty pleasure). I am hooked on the dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s right now.

We always have almond milk, cheese, broccoli, spinach, coffee creamer, snap pea crisps, trail mix and fresh fruit.

We have Friday night pizza/ movie night at our house and I have a major sweet tooth.


What about dining out? There are so many great restaurants in Richmond, where do you like to dine out and what do you order?

There are so many good places to eat in Richmond, and more awesome places just keep popping up! My go to restaurants are The Daily, Kuba Kuba, Comfort, Mary Angela’s Pizza and the Hanover Tavern. We have a wonderful sushi restaurant close to home called Yokozuna, that’s my favorite.

I love Thai Food and Sushi and if brussels sprouts and/or spinach are on the menu, I order them.


What about fitness? Do you have a hard time fitting in a workout while running a household and a business? If you find the time, what sort of exercise do you prefer? What’s your favorite brand of workout clothes? (We bet you’re partial to whatever Amy has at Superfun Yoga Pants!! We are too!)

I’ve found it much trickier to workout since having baby Cooper. He cried the majority of his first year so I was just in survival mode and doing a lot of Yoga. 
 Running, hiking and Yoga are my jam, they all can easily be done with my boys too if I can’t get in some ME time. I also love barre and high intensity interval training and do that when time permits.

I’m a huge Patagonia fan and have my share of Lululemon gear too. Yes of course I love Superfun yoga pants because when I put them on I just feel good and I always want to feel good! I also love supporting Amy!


Do you have a morning routine or is every day different? Are you a coffee drinker? Do you add cream and sugar? Do you have slow and relaxing morning routines or crazy, kids, insane mornings? We love to hear how other busy people operate in the morning!

My weekday mornings are pretty much the same. I love to sleep so I sleep as long as I can but usually I’m up around 6am because I have these precious little people that don’t love to sleep as much as I do.

I race around in the mornings making breakfast and lunches, cleaning up messes and retrieving the baby from whatever it is he’s climbing on. I’m kind of ridiculous about teeth and hair brushing and there’s some shouting about how many times the boys have to be asked to get their socks on and backpacks ready too….

Every weekday morning we run to the front porch to talk about how we can be kind and helpful to each other and our community before the big boys run off to the bus yelling “I love you Mama, I love you Mommy, have a good day!”

Then it’s Coffee Time! I use whole foods organic vanilla creamer in my coffee and drink a cup of coffee every day.

Just in time for Christmas, I know our readers will be thrilled they can purchase all of your products online. What are some of your favorites? Anything new coming out that we can look forward to?

I create products that I’m in LOVE with so of course I use all of the products on myself and my children daily. The vegan soother lip balm is my current favorite and I use Your Best Skin body butter every day after the shower. For my face I use the Flower Power as toner (and deodorant + perfume + to refresh throughout the day) and I follow that up with the Transcend Elixir our youth enhancing serum.

We use the Ultimate Fix on my sons dry cracked hands when the weather turns chilly and for insect bites in the warmer temps. It’s our go to heal all. My family uses The Solution sun block year round.

We have some lip glosses that will be hitting the site soon (I’m so excited, I’m a lip gloss fanatic)! We also have some scrubs and other products in the research and development phase now that will be released in 2016. Keep your eyes peeled!



GUYS!  Isn’t she awesome?  Do yourself a favor and check out the Mac’s Smack website plus
follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  I know you will love
McKenzie’s products 
(and HER!) as much as we do.  

THANK YOU for giving us a glimpse into your life, pretty lady!

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