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I lied. I have seen SO many taglines and gimmicks online lately with claims like, “lose the belly fat overnight”, or “get these abs with these simple tricks” or “look like this model by doing this simple method.” The truth is… things do not happen overnight! This is why the health industry is so confusing. I can’t give you 8 pack abs overnight but I HAVE listed a few things you can start this week that may lead you to these (too ripped) abs. We can have our own version of something like above? Let’s be real here. Read below.  Have a lemon? Start tomorrow.

Say good morning to your warm lemon water every morning. Warm lemon water is a great source of citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It  has endless benefits like boosting your immune system, balancing your PH levels, and has anti inflammatory properties to help aches and pains, etc. !!   If you google the benefits on lemon water I am sure you will see 100 reasons why you should drink it. I personally love the energy I gain from sipping on it and feel it aids the digestion process (for real it encourages bile production) so my body is ready for breakfast. Or switch up your game and go for the BEC tonic which has similar health properties as your lemon water.  Amp up your metabolism with a pinch of cayenne. Its like a good kick in the mouth and does wonders for your body.

Eat a proper breakfast.<– (highlighted because we have a ton of options right here on BEC) Try a smoothie, eggs and avocado on toast, oatmeal, ( I recommend not to eat that all in one sitting)  whatever your steeze may be..  When  working with clients we have found that a lot of people are walking out the door in the morning exceeding the recommended amount of sugar (per day!!!) in one simple meal. Here is a smoothie with simple ingredients buffed up with my new, amazing, hippy-like(vanilla mushroom?!)  protein powder. We found it in Venice at our new favorite Juice shop called Moon Juice. Beleive me, I SHIVER at the idea of protein powder but this guy is actually delicious and keeps me feeling great with sustained energy.

Watch your snacks! Switch out your protein bar with a kind bar, chia bar, or lara bar. Sometimes I have my clients break their “energy bars” in half if you are switching over and want to finish off your ridiculous stash of cliff bars. We also need to think snacks that do not have an ingredient label like apples, oranges, bananas, cut up pepper, and so on. Pair these with a small handful of nuts. Make sure you portion out your nuts because it is easy to eat a bit too much of them and find yourself snacking on 500 calories. Our goal is to consume snacks that are satisfying and keep us energized until our next meal.

Drink MORE water. That’s right. I’ll say it again…water helps flush toxins and assists in metabolic function. We all forget to drink it sometimes so remember to set an alarm in your computer or phone to remind you it is time to hydrate! Check out our blog on water here.

Double the veggie in take at dinner and lighten up a bit! As  Americans  we tend to eat HUGE dinners and base our meal around meat. Try filing your plate with salad(watch that dressing!) or other veggie dishes as oppose to a heavy protein.  Have your protein as a side! :) I know some of you may hate me for that one. We would like to eat most of our calories through out the day when our metabolism tends to be more active. I personally sleep better and feel hungry in the morning if I am sure to eat a light dinner. This simple change has done wonders for clients.

Head to your local farmers market. Grab your spouse, friend, mom or/and children. Spring outside of your comfort zone of the zombie like environment of your local supermarket. The amazing vibe and friendly farmers can totally up your stamina and inspire you to try new plant based recipes and love for unfamiliar food.

And last but not least get your butt moving! If you are not part of an exercise community do whatever makes you happy. Go on a walk, play tennis, or go outside with the kids for 20 minutes. We want you to feel motivated in your work out so do not limit yourself to a gym membership. Burning calories is just part of the movement part.



protein magic smoothie fuel
Prep time
Total time
so lean and green... I love it. Add a medjool date if you feel like you need sweeter. When you learn how to make our almond milk (coming soon!!) you will need zero sweetener. It is just that good.
  • 2 scoops of Moon Juice protein powder
  • 1 ripened frozen banana
  • 1-2 cups of kale or spinach
  • 1 cup of homemade almond milk (COMING SOON) or your choice of nut milk (unsweetened)
  • a whole bunch of cinnamon to taste
  1. BLEND in your blender and do a little dance.


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