Halloween Madness: tips on how to avoid the candy bowl


We joke about the season of fat, kind of. I do not own a scale but I do own a “skinny mirror” that is encouraging in certain situations.    The TRUTH is…      we are girls – we are a little crazy. Hear me out. I truly believe that what we consume and how we feel will reflect on the outside. If you are feeling energized and great, it will show.. and guess what? Confident and happy girls are the prettiest girls :) THAT is the BEC girl.. Constantly evolving and not taking life too seriously. The superficial reasons for eating healthy should NOT be the number one reason we are living a healthy lifestyle. (NEVER SAY ON A DIET. DIETS SUCK) I want you to really think about what I am about to say…  What we consume is either going to promote health or promote disease and it is important to keep that in mind for ourselves and the next generation. Alright you crazy, beautiful, fierce babes, let’s get back on subject this read.

Halloween is one of those days that I would like to party it up and then go on with it’s bad self. But unfortunately, due to the excessive candy (and possible hangover) it lingers..  It sits… it’s in the cabinet “hiding” from us for weeks. We reach, we eat, we crave, we cave. That candy is filled with our arch nemesis(ES).. PLURAL… aka high fructose corn syrup, food coloring, artificial everything that can lead to everything we hate. Why? Because it will lead to highs that inevitably lead to lows, headaches, allergies, stomach aches, melt downs, and the list goes on. Our body has no idea what to do with that. It attacks our cells and stores as fat and toxins. We try as hard as possible to keep it real. Keep it recognizable. 

I dedicate this post to every single person on Halloween who can’t stop, won’t stop unwrapping the candy wrappers. And of course, a special shout out to the moms who thrive (or not) and live vicariously through our babes around Halloween (that can be me).  I know that when my kiddos dump that candy on the floor my initial reaction is extreme anxiety. Seriously, I cannot attend Halloween events at school because I despise candy and even more, kids ON candy. I then scan the candy- You got any of those Kit Kats in there? How about…REESES? Maybe grab a couple and GET OUT. Get your 4 pieces to love on if you must because BEC does not want to deprive you completely, but we all know candy is like a drug. It is hard to stop.  Tiffany (or HELGA) and I (UNI) have provided you with great tips and product options to avoid deprivation and make sure your hottie body continues to thrive through Halloween and TSOF (the season of fat). Please excuse me, the lack of oxygen was affecting my recollection of certain ingredients in the video. Check it :)

Make our super amazing, nutrient filled energy bombs for your peanut butter chocolate craving,  In addition to stocking up with the amazing energy bombs in the fridge, blend together your ultimate candy/sugar buster..our BEC GREEN SMOOTHIE. I make this smoothie to kick my cravings and I promise you it does an amazing job. Your body is satisfied with the natural sugar and utilizes it as energy instead of storing the refined sugar in candy as fat.

Tell your kiddos to grab his/her favorite candy and then it’s that time to get them on board with the Switch Witch.<– site for details.  I am here to tell you that the Switch Witch is a game changer.. it takes so much stress out of Halloween and gets the candy out of the house.  Give the candy to her fat ole cat and feel the pain.  Our major cute babe, Sawyer explains the details of our new best friend here.

Below are some options you may want to stock up on next week … Hey, dark chocolate does contain cocoa which is a superfood high in antioxidants!

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WHY? Because they are REAL. The contain real ingredients and use grass-fed dairy in all of their bars.

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WHY? Because, OMG these are amazing. The combination of sweet, crunchy, with real coconut is insane. They come in a variety of flavors..ahum, (dark chocolate) and you can sprinkle them on your smoothie bowls, fruit, yogurt, etc. to help your sweet craving! Dang chips are awesome all the time.

Head over and pick out some candy recipes at Detoxinista. This chic has some seriously delicious candy recipes that are to die for. Happy Halloween ya’ll! Let us know what you are doing this Halloween!




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