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thanksgiving BEC tips

Here we go again! The Holiday Season is here- BRING IT. We have listed a few tips to get you through this Thanksgiving Holiday…   it’s all about the sweat, party, and Friday cure- BEC has your back.    Watch our Video HERE

1) MOVE.  Wake up and do something. Whether it is going for a run, heading to your favorite yoga class, or check out our babes at Tone it Up for a quick video. Our little BEC’s in training love to do work out videos with adults. Make this move thing a family (or friends) event. Check the TIU girls below. I love these ideas… Warning **  they are on a beach.   Don’t be mad. ok, I’m mad.



2) No one freak. HAVE FUN. Seriously, if you know any of the girls at BEC then you know we like to have a little (LOT) of fun. Did someone say party? EAT, DRINK, AND HAVE FUN. If you are heading to a feast  and are afraid of what they may be serving you, bring your own dish! I love to bring a salad or green that I know I will fill my plate with and “side” all of the other choices. I do this because certain food gives me an equally painful hangover as drinking my kombucha-vodkas.<– (kombucha with a splash of vodka on ice)

BEC ideas from our favorite sites + favorite bloggers:

Dessert // No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie // OMG

Appetizer // Salad // Arugula, Fennel, Apple, Orange, and Pomegranate Salad // great uninvited dish. Can’t be mad at fall in a bowl. Who else will make this? NO ONE. = Hero    Great example of what I would fill my plate with and side it with the butterball.

Main Steeze // Gluten-free Stuffing // Quinoa stuffing looks AH-mazing.    I usually make a corn bread stuffing with apples, and local sausage. I use a family recipe and clean it up with whole, organic ingredients.

See something you like above but don’t want to go to the store? Let me help you out here… A great idea to distress the holiday preparation in our area (in Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Richmond and Northern VA area) is RELAYFOODS.  Who the heck has time to run to the grocery with empty shelves to find nothing? You can order all of your ingredients and premade food on Relay until midnight on Tuesday and pick up in the Lynchburg area on Wednesday. They offer local and organic ingredients and also have local turkeys STILL available.  True that.

3) FRIDAY MORNING ELIXER < AND //  OR>  CLEANSING SMOOTHIE< Ok, as I said, we get food AND drink hangovers. Here is what BEC recommends to save your mind, body, and soul the morning after!  I usually suffer on Saturday morning due to the immense party sessions on Friday night with family and friends in town so use these tips through out the weekend (LIFE).

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our people! Have the best of time and stay tuned for our leftover ideas :)





Back In {Workout} Action


So remember my recent workout slump?  Yeah well it’s like GONE.  I mean sure I have to drag my a** to the gym everyday but I am going…everyday!

Want to know what saved me this go round?  Yoga.  I think Carolyn’s Vinyasa class at the beach (read more about her and her practice here) for real spoke to me.  I left in tears, feeling so relieved and open and just, I don’t know, awesome!

So I started attending more yoga classes at my YMCA and enjoy how different all of the instructors are.  I learn something new at every class and love watching how different people practice and appreciate the criticism from varying teachers.

Also, the gym I attend regularly Iron & Grace has two fabulous instructors who are so unique.  Su teaches a really athletic “tricked out” yoga class on Saturday mornings that has me jumping out of bed to attend.  I seriously love it.

And a newer instructor here, Cindy Lee is anything but new to yoga.  She is the real deal, read more about her here.  After attending one of her classes this week I can say she is so cool and different and a fun, intuitive teacher.

So that is working for me right now to get the bounce back in my step.   We always ask people how they stay motivated.  It isn’t easy so share with us what works for you!

 Namaste peeps.

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Workout Slump

workout slump
So, here we are coming up on the end of summer.  It’s been beautiful, mild, busy and fun!  I hope yours has been as well.  You know what’s not so breezy and beautiful?  My current workout slump.  I LOVE MY GYM in town, it’s the best.  I try to take a class a day.  The only problem is me!  I am going through a summer slump.  I tried to shake things up yesterday morning with a nice (horrifying) run around my neighborhood.  About a half mile in I truly considered calling a cab (sort of).  I know I know, this tells me I need to have that nice run about every other day (especially to prepare for my four miler at the end of September!).  I have to go now and get ready for my TRX class at noon.  What do you do to stay motivated and out of a workout slump?  HELP!

PS I LOVE this shirt on  It’s so true right?!
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The Travel Bug…and Recovery

Travel bug

I just got back from a four day trip to Houston with a girlfriend followed by four days in Las Vegas with my husband for a conference.  I feel like all I have done is eat, drink, eat some more and then finally, eat.  The good news is, I am usually one who likes to work out on vacation.  I am a workout “hobbyist”.  If I am in a “big” city, I enjoy trying a new workout that I may have never done before.  If I am at the beach, nothing beats a jog (walk) alongside the crashing waves or some yoga or Pilates oceanside.  But this trip?  I just wasn’t feeling it!  I wanted to enjoy the amazing restaurants, see the sights, and worry about my diet “tomorrow”.  I will say, I walked EVERYWHERE.  My feet feel so raw in addition to my bloat!  But you know what?  That’s ok!  It’s Sunday morning, we got home late last night and I am ready to reset.


I woke up this morning after letting myself sleep in.  Not setting an alarm is a luxury I relish and I am a person who needs a lot of sleep.  My first step after rise and shine?  I drank a mixture of warm water, cayenne pepper, and the juice from a whole lemon and took a shot of apple cider vinegar (ACV).  Was it delicious? No.  Was it palatable?  Yes.  And I feel like it helps detox my body after treating it poorly several days in a row.

Note: The ACV shot should be followed by a TON of water.  It can hurt your teeth so don’t brush them right afterwards either.

Since it’s Sunday, my gym is closed but Douglas and I wanted to do something active.  We walked our neighborhood and then did a thirty-minute workout DVD.  This is not my ideal activity but the point is, I did what I could with what I had!  I was so proud of us after we worked out!  We both felt less jet lagged, bleary eyed, and full from all the debauchery of the past week.  I have learned that after I mess up my diet or fitness routine, instead of saying, screw it, lets go to hibachi! (even though this sometimes seems logical) I feel so much better if I hit the pavement, go to the gym or make a green smoothie.  I feel like me again in no time!  Oh and words to live by from my dear friend David, put the bottle/fork down, honey!rachel signature

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