A Day on the Train….OK not really

a day on the train
Today I am back on the road or train tracks rather to Alexandria to visit a girlfriend. I woke up at 5:45 (WHO AM I!???) and did my normal routine. Drank my lemon cayenne water, ACV shot, juice, and a ton of water.  Hopped on the train at 7:30 and now at 9:30 I am eating a banana with Justin’s almond butter.

love crunch

I also packed my latest addiction (I blame YOU Alaya). LOVE CRUNCH granola. Ermagawd. It is insane ya’ll. The dark chocolate red berry is so tasty it is like dessert. But relatively healthy and low in sugar compared to other granolas. Cross your fingers for me that I stay on track over the next three days…girls weekends aren’t always the healthiest!
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A Day in the Car


Today I am going to be on the road for about 12 hours and have been thinking …what in the world am I going to eat?   I thought I’d track my choices and share with you and FYI I am always open to suggestions!  What do you eat when you’re traveling or away from your kitchen/fridge/stove/(dreaded) microwave?

5:30a Wake up and drink lemon cayenne water, ACV, and a large glass of water.


6:15a Showered and make my green juice for the road.  Today’s recipe: one lemon, one lime, one ginger chunk, one piece of jalapeno, one piece of romaine, one cucumber, two small apples, and 3 stalks of celery.  Delish.

8:30a Almost to Richmond and stop at Starbucks.  I haven’t had coffee in over a week so I feel like after waking up at the ***crack of dawn, today is the day to break the streak.  I consider the next time I am going to be able to eat and decide to get some food here too.  I order a soy blonde misto.  Their soy milk is across the board 100% organic so for me that’s the best choice.  The drink is their blonde light roast coffee with steamed soy milk.  Then I ruin (make) it with too many raw sugar packets.  But hey, remember I haven’t had any in a week so it’s a treat.  I also get a steal cut oatmeal with ‘everything’.  I like options.  In the car, I doctor up my oatmeal but definitely do not need everything.  After adding a few of the things they gave me I threw the rest away so as not to be tempted.  I added ALL of the fresh blueberries, all of the nuts, half of the dried fruit (there is a lot of sugar here so use it sparingly) and none of the agave or brown sugar.  This blonde prefers her added sugar in her coffee.  The oatmeal was tasty and filling and necessary to get me to lunch.

10:00a Large glass of water with no ice

ellwood thompsons
I order a medium Green Juice from Ellwood Thompson’s.  In my opinion, ETs is THE best grocery store I have ever been to.  Yep, even better than Whole Foods because of their fabulous juice and smoothie bar.  I also prefer their prepared foods to WF.  Just sayin…I got a couple of items here for my lunch that you will see shortly.

12:15p I have a skin appointment in Richmond (sounds weird but I have naturally TERRIBLE skin so I have a wizard in Richmond who works on me when I can get there) so I drink a lot of water over the next hour.

2:00p Get in the car to head back home and pull out my late lunch once I am safely on the freeway.  I got a small portion of their kale, sweet potato and edamame salad.  SO GOOD.  I promise ya’ll, I am going to figure out how this stuff is made.  In addition to the super food ingredients it has this tangy but super light vinaigrette tossed all over it…I die.  I get it every time I go to ETs.

ellwood thompsonellwood thompson

I also get the eggless egg salad on every trip to ETs.  I can’t explain HOW. GOOD. IT. IS. It tastes exactly like traditional egg salad, has the same texture, but isn’t filled with anything gross.  Just try it.  You will like it.

I did (finally) try something new this trip.  The strawberry beet salad was calling to me.  I have a love/like relationship with beets.  I LOVE them when my sister in law makes them for me.  She just roasts the heck out of them with EVOO, salt and pepper, adds them to greens with goat cheese and voila, my interpretation of crack cocaine.  But when I get them in a restaurant (even the same way) they aren’t my jam quite so much.  I can’t explain it.  I also want to experiment at home with beets but haven’t yet.  Back to ETs…the strawberry beet salad was good, great even!  The earthy flavor of the beets with the sweetness of the strawberries, it was really different and a fun combo.  I had a small amount of this salad because I assumed it had a lot of sugar but it was filling and not in a gross way.

I got home about 5 after running the last of my errands, never even needing my Kind bar or banana I had packed for the road trip.  I felt satisfied and not gross from my mostly sedentary day.  I made a salad and added some cocktail shrimp for dinner and went to bed feeling pretty good about myself!

I am lucky when traveling to Richmond because I can almost always make it to ETs for lunch or a snack or at least a green juice.  But when traveling other places, it’s nearly impossible to stay clean.  Tell me how you do it!
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