Simple DELICIOUS Summer Side Dish

So simple in fact, you don’t need a recipe.

And just in time for your July 4th weekend festivities!

Who doesn’t love a caprese salad?  Am I right?  Super ripe, sweet, LOCAL summer tomatoes with slices of salty mozzarella and ribbons of crisp, fresh basil.  Splash on some good olive oil, maybe some balsamic and BOOM.


But when serving a crowd (which I do more in the summer when everyone can spread out outside) I like to serve up a chopped caprese with a twist. I add bread to put a little panzanella spin on the salad and spinach so it packs even more of a nutritional punch. Pine nuts give added crunch and texture-which to me is what takes a salad from boring to bright and something people will go back for seconds and thirds!

There is no need to measure, just add what you like in whatever amount. Here’s what you need:

  • Local cherry tomatoes, the more color variation the better. Slice in half.
  • Fresh buffalo mozzarella or burrata cheese. I will be using creamy burrata because it is INSANE. Tear into bitesize pieces.
  • Basil leaves. Either tear into pieces or slice into ribbons.
  • Organic spinach. Same as with the basil, tear or slice for easy eating.
  • Toasted pine nuts or any sort of nut you like.
  • Local, fresh bread from Lorraine’s if you live in Lynchburg or any other clean, whole wheat bread torn into bitesize pieces. Toss with olive oil and toast until lightly browned in the oven.

Put all of your ingredients into a large bowl and drizzle with GOOD, fruity olive oil and a little balsamic if you like. Dash generously with salt and pepper and serve immediately!


Happy holiday weekend y’all!

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Thanksgiving recipes, hangover cures and helpful tips!

Here we go again! The Holiday Season is here- BRING IT. We have listed a few tips to get you through this Thanksgiving Holiday…   it’s all about the sweat, party, and Friday cure-  we got your back.

1) No one freak. HAVE FUN. Did someone say party? EAT, DRINK, AND HAVE FUN. Who cares? It’s the holidays. Just make sure you take care of yourself the day after. A few clients have expressed that they go to multiple dinners throughout the weekend with family and friends. If you are stuffed with turkey and stuffing and want to keep it lighter the rest of the weekend, check out the salad below. I will fill my plate with salad and then side it with the butterball turkey and stuffing. This way you eat and fill up on mostly greens but eat the rest of the meal in small portions. I do this because certain food gives me an equally painful hangover as drinking my kombucha-vodkas.<– (kombucha with a splash of vodka on ice)

BEC ideas from our favorite sites + favorite bloggers:

Dessert // No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie // OMG

Appetizer // Salad // Arugula, Fennel, Apple, Orange, and Pomegranate Salad // great uninvited dish.Can’t be mad at fall in a bowl. Who else will make this? NO ONE. = you will be loved.   A great example of what I would fill my plate with and side it with the butterball turkey!

Main Steeze // Gluten-free Stuffing // Quinoa stuffing looks AH-mazing. 

See something you like above but don’t want to go to the store? Let me help you out here… A great idea to destress the holiday preparation in our area (in Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Richmond and Northern VA area) is RELAYFOODS.  Who the heck has time to run to the grocery with empty shelves to find nothing? You can order all of your ingredients and premade food on Relay until midnight on Tuesday and pick up in the Lynchburg area on Wednesday. They offer local and organic ingredients and also have local turkeys STILL available.  True that.

2) FRIDAY MORNING ELIXER < AND //  OR>  CLEANSING SMOOTHIE< Help your food and drink hangover. Here’s what BEC recommends to save your mind, body, and soul the morning after!  I usually suffer on Saturday morning due to the immense party sessions on Friday night with family and friends in town so use these tips throughout the weekend (LIFE).

3) MOVE.  Wake up and do something. Whether it is going for a run, heading to your favorite yoga class, or check out our babes at Tone it Up for a quick video. Move a little.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our people! Have the best of time and stay tuned for our leftover ideas :)




Five Minute Superfood Salad= ENERGY!!!!

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Why do I eat superfoods? Because they make me feel soooooo good! I get a crazy energy boost and stay full! So how did this salad come about? I walked into my house the other day and was STARVING. This happens a lot because I live in Lynchburg and am definitely not surrounded by healthy and delish food restaurants (although I do have a few sweet fav’s) so I always run home for lunch. Well, I don’t really run, I drive.

I opened my fridge and had a bag of fresh organic chopped Kale that I got super cheap at Aldi’s. The great thing about pre-washed chopped kale is TIME! No washing, no taking out the stem, no chopping, and no cleaning the cutting board. So if you see it, grab it. I got my Simply Blonde Dressing that I always have on hand because it tastes good with everything and is super easy to make. So make it, use it, and always having it waiting around. If you are starving the last thing your going to do is start making a dressing even if it only takes one minute.

Next, what else was in the fridge? I found local feta and that’s it. Then, I hit up my sweet superfood cabinet. If you have it, you’ll eat it. So you have to buy these things and keep them stocked in your pantry or you’ll end up grabbing a bowl of cereal or yogurt or Uncrustable! These will NOT give you sustainable energy.

So here is a list of some of my fav’s that I always try and keep around that I added to my salad.

WHITE MULBERRIES. (love these because they are chewy and sweet. And they are an antioxidant powerhouse with lots of fiber)

HEMP SEED. (adds protein and has a little nutty flavor and crunch)

WALNUTS. (anti-inflammatory and omega 3’s.)

KALE. Because it’s KALE!   (soooooooooo many benefits I can’t even get started.)

GOJI BERRIES: (To me, goji berry converts to ENERGYYYYYY!) Check out Dr. Axe for lots of other health benefits. 

POMEGRANATE: (powerful disease protection) Eat them everyday if you can. When they are not in season you can get them frozen.

ALMONDS: (they’re crunchy, affordable, and a HEALTHY FAT–guys, we need fat. It keeps us satiated and super good for brain health. We just don’t want the crappy Twinkie and Krispy Creme kind of fat—-well, not on a daily basis.

Five Minute Superfood Salad
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 1
  • 3 cups chopped organic kale
  • 2 TBS.local feta
  • 1 TBS. slivered almonds
  • 2 TBS. white mulberries
  • 1 TBS. hemp seed
  • 2 walnuts
  • 1TBS. organic raisins
  • 1 TBS.goji berries
  • local honey to drizzle
  • pink salt to taste
  1. Massage Simply Blonde Dressing into kale. Add toppings as desired. Drizzle honey on top. Feel amazing.


If you want to get crazy, I sometimes heat my nuts with a little coconut oil and add turmeric, cumin, and curry for an added superfood and flavor boost.

Get shopping and keep that pantry stocked with these goodies.

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Build a perfect Salad

So salads have a bad name. It’s “a side” or something you should eat on a daily basis because you were told they were healthy. But we want to change your mind on what a salad should look and taste like. We want you to learn to build the most perfect, delicious and filling salad you will crave every single day.

First, Some pictures to inspire you!!!    …

egg salad

…and filling
harvest salad and beautifulstrawberry salad

Now introducing

tiffany holding salad




start with
something green

I KNOW! That’s ROMAINE. sorry, it’s “static” and the blonde got the best of me :/ SPELL CHECK

Okay, so next fresh herbs


don’t forget!cheesy


THIS IS GETTING GOOD but the next could be your biggest game changer

something warm

AND MEAT! You really do not HAVE to get a protein on there but how ’bout the first picture? Baked salmon and a fried egg. (OMG so good) Or grilled chicken, shredded meat and whatever you are making for dinner. Honestly, make this salad your WHOLE PLATE and then add 3 ounces of protein. You have a plant based, delicious salad.

Dressings are hard. Because you have something salty, sweet, cheesy, proteiny (new word), warm, crunchy, the dressing will not be the big game changer. NO NEED FOR HEAVY RANCH NOW! woo hoo. It is delicious as is.. but our dressing recipe brings a bit of acidity to the salad which balances every part of it out.

blonde dressing

Now go volunteer to make a salad and blow minds!

Happy warm weather


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