Is it too Early for Spring Cleaning?

I’m not talking about your house.  I’m talking about your insides.  Something about the post holiday/warm winter weather/multiple gatherings/reasons to celebrate/having a six month old and I am feeling sluggggggish.

I have never done a juice cleanse.  Ever.  As much as I am a fan of “juicing” and love my juicer, I have never lived on juice alone for a period of time.  Even a day.

But I think I’m ready.  I am trying to decide between these three:

Pressed Juicery– This one stands out to me because in addition to the six juices you will have each day, for a small fee they recommend adding Chlorophyll and Aloe Vera Cleanse waters to aid in digestion and raise alkaline levels.


Photo Cred:Pressed Juicery


BluePrint Organic- I admit it, I want to try this one because your final juice of the day, your treat juice, is called Cashew Blueberry Boom. ‘Nuf said.


Photo Cred:BluePrint



Suja Juice is already one of my favorites.  I always have two or three in my fridge but their Green Freak Cleanse appeals to me for a number of reasons.  It looks the healthiest, I know I already like their stuff, and their founder Annie Lawless is a true BEC Badass >>>look her up here, you will die<<<.



In the mean time, shoot me a message if you have any advice, insight, recommendations, warnings, or prayers!  

I will be sure to let you know which one I choose and how it goes.

Thanks guys!

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To JUICE or to BLEND (smoothies). That is the question.

Juice or smoothie or both?

Clients ask me all the time. Should I juice my fruits and veggies or blend them? What’s the difference? Which is better for you? Well, it is personal. I LOVE smoothies almost all the time. My business partner Mary, is a juice freak.  Rachel…. is a big fan of both.  So it basically comes down to what works for you and makes YOU feel the best. Smoothies make me feel the best and here is why.


1-SATISFYING. They keep me full for hours. <<not too mention make me super happy.>>

2-TASTE. They taste so good I almost can’t take it, AND it is a meal replacement if you add a nut butter or other protein.

3-QUICK AND EASY. They take me one minute to make. ( I freeze most of my ingredients so I never run out…..even my spinach and kale.)

4-ENERGY AND FOCUS. I get crazy good energy and focus from them. My favorite is the Game Changer. It will change your life.

5-NUTRITIONAL POWERHOUSE. They are loaded with nutrition if you make them correct. No added sugar…..ever. Always something green—at least two cups.

FIVE REASONS WHY I RECOMMEND JUICING TO MY CLIENTS.  (just because I don’t juice often, I still think it can have amazing health benefits)

1-SIX POUNDS OF FRUITS AND VEGGIES. There is approximately SIX POUNDS of fruits and veggies in 16 ounces of fresh juice! Try my son’s favorite juice!! 

2-TASTE. It tastes insanely delish with the right combinations. Check out my fav recipe! 

3-ABSORBTION OF NUTRIENTS.  Since there is little to no fiber when you juice your digestive system doesn’t have to work nearly as hard.

4-ENERGY BUZZ. Juice can give you an amazing energy! Great replacement for sweet tea, soda, vitamin water, regular juice, etc.

5- CONVENIENCE. You can buy cold pressed juices in the supermarket now. Suja is a cold pressed juice that is affordable and sold at Target, Kroger, and Fresh Market. LUMI is a local company out of Charlottesville that is sold locally too.


1- LAZINESS. My juicer takes up a lot of counter space and therefore, I store it in another room.

2-HARDER TO CLEAN THAN BLENDER. Cleaning the juicer is way harder and more time-consuming than cleaning the blender which is put in the dishwasher.

3- YOU CAN’T JUICE FROZEN PRODUCE! I don’t always have enough fresh fruits and veggies on hand. (can’t really use the frozen stuff in a juicer, BUT you can in the blender)

4-DIGESTIVE ISSUES. Personally, juice sometimes bothers my stomach. I get bloated often when I drink fresh  juice. This is not common so don’t let it influence you. It’s just my crazy stomach.

5-DOESN’T  KEEP ME FULL FOR LONG. Juice doesn’t really keep me full like a smoothie. No fiber. (well, a touch of fiber)

BE MINDFUL:When you remove the fiber from the produce, the liquid juice is absorbed into your blood stream quickly. If you are only juicing fruits, this would cause a rapid spike in blood sugar and unstable blood sugar  levels can lead to mood swings, energy loss, memory problems and more! SOOOO, make sure you add lots of veggies!

So there you have it. In my opinion, the answer is to juice AND blend. Just because I am obsessed with smoothies doesn’t mean you have to be. Do what works for you. And honestly, if I didn’t get so bloated from juice, I would have it a lot more often because it tastes soooo good and I like the idea of having both juicing and blending in my life. Juicing alone can be great too.  Just be sure to add lots of greens so the sugar load isn’t so high.

Smoothie and juice photo

Cheers, whether you are juicing or blending…..

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A juice even your kids will like. And it’s purple!

beet juice blog

What’s in here? Three scrubbed beets. One Fuji apple. 1/2 peeled lemon, and 1/2 inch peeled fresh ginger. Easy as can be. If your kids want it a little sweeter, you can add another apple or even some pineapple. If they like tart, add some extra lemon. If they love all that sour candy stuff—YUCK–…drop in some extra ginger for a ZING! And if you are curious, ginger has insane health benefits too. It aids in digestion, has anti-inflammatory properties, and can boost metabolism. We love beets because all of its high antioxidant properties which are cell protectors and it is high in iron too. :))

pressed-juicery-book1 blog

BEC loves this juicing book. The recipes are simple and the book is informative. Todays recipe is Roots 3 on page 54.

One more thing about your juice. Don’t be afraid to add some ice cubes. I love my juice super cold so I add a bunch of cubes, pour it in a beautiful wine glass….and OH MY GOSH!


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Juicing Part II

As I mentioned before, it took a bit of convincing to bite the bullet and buy a Breville Juicer but I have had it  for a week now and I. Am. Obsessed.  And you know what? I have barely even looked up any recipes.

breville juicer
I have had a ton of success (luck?) just winging it.  I will tell you, I am no juice expert but I am somewhat of a juice connoisseur.  WHENEVER I am traveling in addition to researching (stalking) fabulous restaurants, cool lounges, and fun workout studios, I always look for and frequent juice bars.  In Vegas this past spring I walked four miles to get a juice at The Canyon Ranch Grille at the Venetian.  It was $16.00.  SIXTEEN DOLLARS. After I tucked my bulging eyes back into my head I paid the SIXTEEN DOLLARS and drank my juice.  I am not proud of this purchase but in the midst of a debaucherous Vegas weekend, I thought it was a smart (stupid) choice.  Anyway, the point is I seek out juice everywhere.

When making my first juice run at the my grocery store, I picked up celery, ginger, jalapeno, cucumbers, parsley, APPLES, lemons, and limes.


A few things I have learned from Tiff, Mary and some I have discovered myself:

Do not EAT APPLE SEEDS.  They are bad.  Period.  Core your apples.  I do this roughly and quickly by slicing off four sides.
Drink your juice on an empty stomach.
CHEW your juice.  Like, for real.  Something about enzymes and absorption.  Whatever, you went to the trouble of making juice, just chew it. (I think I read this tip on food babe)
Don’t eat immediately after as it can result in an upset stomach.
With lemons and limes, I roughly ‘peel’ but leave a lot of the white on.  I do not de-seed either.
I wash cucumbers and then use the whole thing in its entirety, never cutting into it.
Jalapeno, I cut a small piece off and yes, I use the seeds.  I like heat.
Ginger, I cut a half thumb size chunk and leave peel on
Clean your machine immediately after juicing.  I can’t imagine letting all that crap dry onto my pretty, new machine and then having to deal with it later.

Once everything is rinsed and sitting next to your sink drying, the time has come to enjoy your amazing magical juice!  I pour mine over ice and drink it with a silicone straw.  Slowly, and I CHEW it.  Ahhhhhh!  So good!

Those ingredients are my staples but yesterday I had a pint of tomatoes I needed to use so I added the whole thing to my juicer with a piece of ginger, a lemon, a lime, celery, and romaine and it was DELISH.

The possibilities are like, for real, endless.   Another combo I tried Sunday night was an entire grapefruit (treated like a lemon regarding peeling) and a piece of jalepeno.  So refreshing and tasty.  I haven’t tried this yet but I am thinking I want to juice strawberry and basil?  Cucumber and mint?  Ginger and peach?

Inspire me!  What are some other combos?  Any juice fails?
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