BEC 28 Day Challenge: WEEK TWO


CHALLENGE WEEK 2You guys are killing it! We are so proud of each and every one of you! Soooo guys, you just completed a week focused on hydration! Congrats. This week, it’s all about greens! Why??? Because greens are POWERHOUSES. They are super nutrient dense and give us natural and sustainable energy. In America, most of us think about having greens as a side to our dinner or perhaps some iceberg lettuce on a sandwich. Well, I’m pretty sure you are like the BEC girls and require a lot of energy all day long and a side or two of greens at dinner just isn’t gonna cut it! We have simple, easy, and DELICIOUS ways to incorporate more greens into your day….everyday.

WEEK 2 grocery list
  • Organic peanut butter with one ingredient, two at most
  • Unsweetened Almond milk (we like SILK because it is non GMO)
  • 2 teaspoons raw honey
  • large container of organic spinach
  • organic cinnamon
  • ripe bananas –PEEL and slice in eight pieces and freeze in baggie.
  • Cold pressed juice (link to suja)
  • Organic baby kale
  • Lemon juice
  • EVOO
  • Pink salt
  • Pine nuts
  • Raisins (organic if possible)
  • Shaved parmesan or full fat feta in the brine
  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1 small red onion
  • fresh bunch of cilantro
  • Lime
  • Organic corn tortilla chips
  • Tomato if desired in guacamole
  • Pick two of your favorite green veggies to have with dinner one night, day 12
  • Choose a green veggie to roast
  1. Organic peanut butter is now very accessible. We have found peanut butters at major grocery stores including Walmart and Target. Look on the ingredient list for these two things: Peanuts, Salt. A lot of companies now have "creamy" peanut butter that does not allow the oil and butter to separate (which is TOTALLY natural)
  2. Make sure your bananas are pretty ripe. Almost OVER ripened. We see them on "managers special" at our local grocery stores and I know that we must jump on it and buy them all because frozen bananas in the BEC freezer must always be stocked.
  3. Lemon Juice: We love the organic Santa Cruz bottled lemon juice because it is MUCH easier. You will find yourself using this a lot!
  4. EVOO= extra virgin olive oil
  5. Pink salt has mineral content. A brand REAL SALT is great too. Sea salt is ok.
  6. Full fat feta in the brine is a game changer.


Day 8, Monday, January 12: BEC Smoothie to replace any meal //   25 minute Bikini Body Routine with Tone it Up     (1-10 lb free weights or grab a can from your pantry!)

Day 9, Tuesday, January 13: BEC Green Smoothie with 2 cups spinach // 10 minute Abs and Upper Body Workout with XHIT + 20 minute Fat Burner Workout with XHIT

Day 10, Wednesday, January 14: Buy a Cold Pressed Green Juice (Suja is available at Target) // 12 minute Lift and tone booty routine with Tone it Up + 10 minute Fat Blasting circuit

Day 11, Thursday, January 15: Our favorite Green Kale Salad for lunch // 30 minute full body workout with Gymra

Day 12, Friday, January 16: Have two greens with your dinner( tip for quick ideas): frozen organic peas with some grass fed butter and pink sea salt is my kids fav. Or, slices cucumber with some pink salt and balsamic or even a green pepper dipped in Annie’s Organic Ranch. // minute Arms and Abs workout with Tone it UP (need couch or chair and dumbbells) + 2 mile walk/run! 

Day 13, Saturday, January 17: Make homemade guacamole! You may die.  Tip: Please use organic corn tortilla chips to dip to stay away from GMO’s  // 10 minute hips and butt with Blogilates + 1 minute jumping rope (no rope necessary, just do the motions! ) + 1 minute plank + 1 minute jumping rope again + 1 minute plank again

Day 14, Sunday, January 18: ROAST A GREEN VEGGIE!! Tip: Lightly cover any veggie in cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and sprinkle with pink salt and your favorite spice. 10 minute tabata work out (NO JOKE) + 10-15 minute walk after lunch or dinner



BEC 28 DAY CHALLENGE WEEK 1: no secret here


We want YOU! The challenge is starting January 5th! Together with {amazing} Health Warrior Chia Bars, we invite you to join the #blondeseatclean28 day challenge. If you haven’t signed up…..DO IT NOW!! Our BEC Challenge is about getting a jump start to 2015. Start the year off with friends, family, co-workers or anyone and have fun! Check out the short and sweet grocery list below for week one.

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BEC CHALLENGE WEEK 1: no secret here
Recipe type: week one shopping list
  • 4 gallons of purified water (unless your water from your tap tastes good)
  • Two oranges
  • 5 cinnamon sticks
  • Two Lemons
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Piece of fresh ginger or powdered ginger
  • *Choose your fruit of choice for Days 2 and 7
  1. Work hard.
  2. Smile.
  3. Smile again.
  4. Get a friend to join.

Week one is designed to integrate water in your life. Water is the foundation of good health. Seems simple enough but 75% of us are currently walking around dehydrated. This is a big deal! Dehydration causes havoc on our bodies including premature aging, body aches, head aches,  weight gain etc. Educate yourself! Read our water article here.  The second part of our challenge  is movement. Nutrition and movement go hand in hand. It is a beautiful relationship. Here at BEC we want you to move the best way you know how and want you to love your workouts. We have some ideas for you… so whether you are a mover and a groover or stuck in the couch potato position, we want you to try new things! These work outs are some of our favorite and designed to achieve at home. Combine days or repeat for longer, more challenging work outs or add in a walk/run/gym time with our challenges.

Day 1: Replace one beverage today with a 2 cup glass of water + 15-20 minute walk or run + Love your Legs workout with Tone It Up

Day 2: Have an infused water with breakfast, lunch, and dinner + Plank for one minute + Move your body with Beyonce. No, seriously- follow this video. Plank for one minute when done and now that you have a hang of Beyonce’s moves- Follow one more time! (fat burner)

Day 3: Drink 8 cups of water throughout the day. Tip: fill up a 64 ounce pitcher and add your favorite fruit (mine is sliced oranges, cinnamon stick and cut ginger) and make sure it is GONE by days end. + Walk OR run 1 mile + No More muffin top video

Day 4: Drink 2 cups of BEC Tonic + Jen Ator’s 5 minute cardio blast, TWICE!

Day 5: Start your day with a metabolism boost! Try our favorite lemon/cayenne water. ( thanks Vani!) + 100 JUMPING JACKS + Wall Sit <Lean against a wall and squat down, until your knees are bent 90 degrees and your shins are vertical to the ground. Hold the position. Complete one set and hold for as long as possible.> – mens fitness magazine  + 100 MORE JUMPING JACKS

Day 6: Replace EVERY sweetened beverage with water. It will be easier if you infuse your water with yummy fruit!! Tip* you can have your coffee to avoid a headache,  just no sugar or sugar substitutes. + RUN for booty sake! Intervals : 2 mile run   *If you are new to running try the walk/run method. Run for 3 minutes, walk for 60 seconds- etc. Just get those 2 miles in.

Day 7: Concoct your own infused water or tonic and post a pic. + Jump rope for 1 minute + victoria secret booty lift to work out +Wall sit until you cant sit NO MORE! + Jump rope 1 minute (holymoly this one gets me)


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