How to be realistic with your expectations on health. The 80-20 rule.


Mary and I have been health coaching for over 10 years. We work with clients who are vegan, gluten-free, vegetarians, pescatarians, want more protein, have food allergies, only want to eat meat and potatoes, got a tick bite and can’t eat certain meats, are addicted to sugar, don’t have time to cook so live on fast food, work two jobs and have kids, are on a strict food budget, have a kid who won’t eat any veggies, want to get off meds for hypertension, cholesterol or type 2 diabetes. You name it, we’ve pretty much seen them. And now, we even see clients with something called orthorexia. (It’s a real thing and you may consider seeking a professional for help)

an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy.
a medical condition in which the sufferer systematically avoids specific foods in the belief that they are harmful.
noun: orthorexia nervosa; plural noun: orthorexia nervosas

What is happening is we are starting to go crazy. Who is we? Most of us!  Because every marketer, every big food company, every diet is claiming their’s is the best. Everyone is CONFUSED and now…..even sometimes paranoid. Eating a delicious and healthy meal is becoming so stressful instead of enjoyable. It’s time to stop the madness. To think there is actually a word in our dictionary that talks about an “obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy.” What is this world coming too? What do we do? Teach our clients to try to stick with the BEC 80-20 rule. Try to avoid processed and fast foods 80% of the time and DON’T feel guilty when you eat the other stuff around 20%. The stress hormone cortisol that you will produce obsessing every single second you put something unhealthy or not so healthy in your mouth is probably doing you more harm than the food. Stop listening to marketers and advertisers. They are just trying to sell you a product. They don’t care if their product is truly a nutritional food and it makes you feel great…they just care if you buy it. They will make any claim possible on the package so you buy it. Very often these items are what I call,  “pretend healthy.” Follow this rule of thumb; if you eat food that gives you energy, tastes great, helps you think clearly, doesn’t give you stomach issues, and makes your body function at it’s best…..you know it’s the good stuff—-that’s your 80%. Most of these foods are one ingredient foods. Most of these foods grow in the ground or on trees.  If the food makes you feel like crap and drains you or has you craving processed sugar all day long–that’s your 20%. But even if it sometimes makes you feel kinda bad after…..you can still enjoy it. And if you have “not so nutritious stuff” in moderation you may not even feel so bad after it. So if your kids bake some cookies, have a few, not the whole tray. When the hot donuts sign is on at good ole Krispy Kreme,(not that I would have to indulge in this soft, warm, sweet, delectable donut) buy one donut, not the whole dozen.

For me, I started with about a 60-40 rule, then progressed to 70-30, then 80-20, and now I probably live somewhere in the 90-10 range. I’ll tell you why. I LOVE to feel great. I WANT to have energy. I CRAVE spending time with my kids at night and not falling asleep by 8 because I ate a bunch of crap that made me exhausted. The good part is….the choice is yours. Do what works for YOU!!!! It’s your life and you get to choose how to live it. So when indulging….enjoy without the guilt.

All my clients always want to know what my favorite indulgences are……so here’s my top five.

1) Slightly underdone homemade chocolate chip cookies. Especially if my boys make them. :)

2) Hot Donut at Krispy Kreme (like you couldn’t have guessed) I stick to just one and thankfully we don’t have a store anywhere close!

3) A mint chocolate chip milkshake (gotta take major lactaid if I go this route)

4) A candy bar. My fav’s are Babe Ruth, 100 Grand, Snickers, and Peanut M & M’s. (I used to eat one once a week, now about 2 a year)

5) Brownies!!! The boxed ones, slightly undercooked. I could literally eat 1/2 the tray but I don’t. (well, not anymore)

Life is short, keep smiling, bake some homemade chocolate chip cookies with the fam and enjoy!!!

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Why the pineapple?

Why the pineapple blog

We didn’t just pick the pineapple for our logo because we love drinking clean pina colada’s and they help us dream of lying on a beach in Hawaii.(well…..) We also  chose it because it is the symbol of welcoming all. Blondes, brunettes, red heads, old, young, and everything in between! We love you all!!! Whether you are new to eating clean, don’t even know what it means to eat clean, or have been eating clean for years! If you want to feel your best, figure out ways to be super happy, and want to have fun and smile….you are our people.

A little pineapple history.
This esoteric fruit has long been a symbol of hospitality in the South & abroad. Early explorers to the West Indies & Americas learned that a pineapple placed at the entrance of a village meant all were welcome. This tradition continued with those who settled in the new land. Sailors would hang the fruit on their home’s door to signal their return from a voyage.
Soon, the iconic pineapple began to show up in popular culture, art, and even in architecture. Carolinians are accustomed to sleeping in beds whose headboards & posts are adorned with pineapple carvings. A guest in a Southerner’s home knows they’ve overstayed their welcome, it’s said, when the pineapple posts are removed.

So join us on our journey to health, happiness, and wellness. If there is something you have been dying to read about and we haven’t blogged about it yet…..shoot us an email at info@blondeseatclean and we will do our best to move it to the top of our list.

Pineapple 2 BEC blog


Enjoy the blog, hang out with awesome people, and tell every friend you have about BEC!





Heading to Phoenix?……Don’t miss my favorite restaurant. Flower Child.

 Flower child Banner                                                                               Photo credit Iamaflowerchild.com

The Flower Child in Phoenix, Arizona is an experience that is almost indescribable. You’ll know what I mean when you get there. And you will get there. Promise me. The food is spectacular but that is just the beginning. The employees are literally spreading love with their overwhelming kindness, patience, (if you only knew how long it took us to decide what to eat because we literally wanted EVERYTHING on the menu) knowledge, and warmth. The Flower Child is worth finding a reason to go to Arizona!

The Flower Child’s fundamental promise is “to serve healthy food for a happy world.” It means they work with ranchers who respect, protect and love their animals – and their food supply. The proteins are all raised naturally, without additives. The organic produce is guided by the wisdom of the Environmental Working Group. Local sourcing is a priority. They know their farmers and their families. The food is always cooked fresh. And served quickly. They’re fast. But they never cut corners. You can taste it. They are grateful. Humbled. Honored.

 To put it simply, if we ate at the Flower Child the first night we arrived at our Nutrition and Health Conference….we would have never even tried another restaurant. They even had the best Kale Salad we had ever tried or made…..and trust us….we may not be a connoisseur of wine or beer, but when it comes to kale salads, we know our stuff.

Flower Child

  Spread the love, check it out….xo
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BEC Karma Cleanse.

Karma Cleanse

karma: the force created by a person’s actions that some people believe causes good or bad things to happen to that person

So there it is. Are you a believer in karma? Maybe you are or maybe you’re not. I don’t think it really matters. The bottom line is, if you are kind, good-hearted, warm, and just old fashion nice….then those similar type of people will gravitate to you. Does that mean nothing bad ever happens to nice people. Of course not. But with positivity and love, good things are much more likely to happen. Try it this week and see how it goes.


1.Tell someone in your life why you are grateful for them. In person or in a handwritten note. (make a mental note of how this person reacts and how you feel inside after you tell them)

2. Make it a point to show an act of kindness to someone, even a stranger. Literally go out of your way. (see how it feels when you see/hear their reaction)

3. Check your motives. If it is to cause harm, or sadness, or revenge…rethink your plan and try to come up with a new one. I usually like to try the “kill them with kindness plan.”(even when you really want to kick their a–!) Sometimes that is harder done than said, but it almost always works. For real. I’m talking about a 95% or greater success rate. It’s hard for people to act harshly to a really nice person.

4. Forgive someone. Let it go. Most often, the grudge we are so determined to hold only affects ourselves. The person we decided to hold the grudge against is usually walking around living life without a clue. So talk it out and let it go.

5. Repeat.

In the health and wellness industry we talk a lot about juice cleanses. And I am a fan as I ordered a juice cleanse just yesterday. But for me, the cleanse that works best every single time is the Karma Cleanse. Life can be insane. It is so easy to get caught up in the little things. (well, for me anyway) I got upset about the DUMBEST thing ever the other day. We were going somewhere for brunch and I checked online to make sure the restaurant was still serving their brunch menu at the time we would arrive.They were. We arrived and looked at the brunch menu and were excited to place our order. When the waitress came over she said kindly that there was no brunch because the chef decided not to do it today. I got upset and was short with the waitress. My awesome son nicely reminded me that it wasn’t her fault and that I wasn’t very nice. I felt horrible. You know, that crappy pit you get in your stomach when you know you didn’t do the “right” thing. It sucks. But THEN….the waitress came back. I sincerely apologized and told her I realized it wasn’t her fault and again told her I was so sorry. (several times) Guess what? Yup. I felt great immediately, didn’t care about the dumb brunch that we couldn’t eat, and felt a happiness come over me and of course proceeded to leave her a kick butt tip on top of it. Doing the right thing feels great. We CAN affect our surroundings. The whole mood at my table changed after I apologized. Our mood affects others sometimes more than we realize. And I am grateful my son (who is 10 times more mature than me!) pointed out my unreasonable actions to me. Sooooooo, it doesn’t matter what you call it. (karma or anything else) If you consistently try to have positive and kind actions, better things WILL happen in your life. People love to be around a positive person because they feel good about themselves…..and maybe, just maybe, more positives things start to happen. It can’t hurt to just try it.


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