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Portion Control…Say What?

almod milkThere’s a special someone in my life that like all of us, tries her best to make clean eating choices when she can.  She has tried many of our recipes and lots of tips and tricks from Tiff and Mary and for that I am very proud of her.  But the other day she called me with the strangest comment I had ever heard.  “I think fat bombs and kale smoothies are making me gain weight.”

Say what?  This person, who shall remain nameless but I like to call her ‘Mom’, eats the way I grew up eating.  Cheese, bread, salads, cheese, bread, veggies from the garden, wine, cheese, bread, tequila, cheese and salt.  So when she began to incorporate fat bombs and kale smoothies into her diet I was so proud of her.  This pride slowly began to evade my body after this phone call however.


Anyway, I said mom I am sorry if it seems like you have gained weight but please do not stop eating kale smoothies and fat bombs.  She told me it was the only change she had made in the last few weeks and that they must be the culprit.  Sigh.  So then we went through her ingredients we discovered she was adding a sizable amount of KEFIR to her smoothies, after already having a granola yogurt parfait first thing in the morning.  Not that this is considered a felony or anything but why I ask do you add KEFIR?  (I don’t like KEFIR, maybe that’s why I am putting it in all caps?  Weird.)  She said well for the probiotics.  She went on to tell me that it was ok because it was FAT FREE.  NOOOOOOOOO.

I used to live for FAT FREE FOODS.  I thought I could eat a box or drink a bottle of anything it was fat free because it was like air, right?  No.  Instead of fat, they fuel those items with chemicals and fake sugars (more chemicals) to make them palatable.  Which in turn can make you gain weight.  (Side note-there are beloved people in my life who stick to a low to no fat diet for heart health reasons and that’s a different story, I am talking strictly from a clean eating perspective).

She also told me she was using sweetened almond milk!  The unsweetened vanilla is amazing and has 60 less calories per serving!  That’s a ton ya’ll.

So if you feel like you are plateauing in your weight, look at your choices and make sure you’re buying the right items and eating proper quantities.

Oh, and what did I find out about the fat bombs and my mother’s choice there?  All I am going to say is limit to two per day people.
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