Gain Energy, Lose Weight, and Feel Amazing. Drink Infused Waters.

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 No matter where I go….I have my trusty glass water bottle or mason jar with a little something something. Everyone wants to know what the heck I’m drinking. —-most often, they honestly think it’s moonshine. Geez, I’m from New York and never even heard of moonshine until I got here let alone walk around drinking it in public. But having this mason jar with stuff in it very often becomes the topic of conversation. Why? It’s different. It’s pretty. It’s not Dasani, it’s not good ole southern sweet tea, or the infamous diet coke,(which by the way I was totally addicted to for 20 years.) and it most certainly can’t be Gatorade because it doesn’t’ have the amazing unnatural fluorescent glow to it.  So what is in it? For me, something different almost everyday. Whatever is fresh or frozen and available in my fridge or freezer. Usually, whatever fruit is in season that I picked up at the local market and some herb that I managed not to kill with my green (actually black) thumb!  Everyone asks,what else can you put in it? How long do you leave in the fruit? Why is it so good? Where can I get more recipes? What are your favorites? Soooooooo, here are my top 10 infused water recipes.

1) Cucumber, Mint, and Lemon

2) Watermelon and Mint

3) Cara Cara Oranges and Cinnamon

4) Mango, Strawberries, and Cilantro

5) Lime and Strawberries

6) Pineapple, Raspberries, and Lime

7) Peaches, Peaches, and more Peaches (when in season)

8) Strawberries, Lemon and Basil

9) Grapefruit and Rosemary

10) Smashed Blueberry and Orange

Your fruit can be frozen or fresh. If you want more flavor in your water, let it sit longer. I usually make my batch in the morning and it just keeps getting better as the day goes on. It’s an easy way for me to make sure I am getting my minimum of 8 cups! When my 2 quart mason jar is empty, I’m good to go. I still usually have a few extra cups…..especially if I’ve worked out a lot that day. And you don’t need exact recipes. If you love lime, add more. If you hate basil, don’t add it. Make up your own and tell me about your favorites so I can try them!!!

fresh cold drink water ice cubes peppermint lime raspberry outdoor summer
fresh cold drink water ice cubes peppermint lime raspberry outdoor summer

So why do I LOVE my infused water? Because it puts a spin on just plain ole water. Because I am drinking it out of glass and not plastic that could possibly kill me down the road at the rate I drink water. Because it is so stinkin beautiful you just want to drink it all day long. Because it tastes so unbelievably delicious that it becomes easy to get my 8-10 cups of water in a day. Because I KNOW how important it is to hydrate and I REFUSE to waste my calories on some artificial crap that my body can’t process! (aka, Vitamin Water, Gatorade, Crystal Light, Diet everything, tropicana…..) Once you find the right waters for your little taste buds……you may fall in love, while gaining energy, becoming less achy and inflamed, losing weight, and saying good-bye to some of those nasty headaches. Drink Water. Make it delicious. Drink lots and feel freakin’ awesome.


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Heading to Phoenix?……Don’t miss my favorite restaurant. Flower Child.

 Flower child Banner                                                                               Photo credit

The Flower Child in Phoenix, Arizona is an experience that is almost indescribable. You’ll know what I mean when you get there. And you will get there. Promise me. The food is spectacular but that is just the beginning. The employees are literally spreading love with their overwhelming kindness, patience, (if you only knew how long it took us to decide what to eat because we literally wanted EVERYTHING on the menu) knowledge, and warmth. The Flower Child is worth finding a reason to go to Arizona!

The Flower Child’s fundamental promise is “to serve healthy food for a happy world.” It means they work with ranchers who respect, protect and love their animals – and their food supply. The proteins are all raised naturally, without additives. The organic produce is guided by the wisdom of the Environmental Working Group. Local sourcing is a priority. They know their farmers and their families. The food is always cooked fresh. And served quickly. They’re fast. But they never cut corners. You can taste it. They are grateful. Humbled. Honored.

 To put it simply, if we ate at the Flower Child the first night we arrived at our Nutrition and Health Conference….we would have never even tried another restaurant. They even had the best Kale Salad we had ever tried or made…..and trust us….we may not be a connoisseur of wine or beer, but when it comes to kale salads, we know our stuff.

Flower Child

  Spread the love, check it out….xo
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Nobody likes a limp……piece of kale.



                              BEFORE ICE                                                           AFTER ICE

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shopping at the Lynchburg Community Market in my town. I meet the coolest people ever. My friend Kenneth from Three Springs Farm is one of my favorites. I buy his spinach, kale, tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, corn, spring onions and even his very own honey. Yum. Check out what is around your town and support your local farmers. Just think. By the time your produce gets to the grocery store, it has often traveled across the entire country if not even half way around the entire world. Each day it loses some of it’s nutrient value. Yup. Eating Local equals more nutrient dense and energizing food. Stay tuned next week for my super awesome kale salad recipe. It could change your life.

shop local, choose happy, live life, xo,

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Why become Vegan? Lets ask Ted.


Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Ted is one of the founding members of the Richmond Restaurant Group, a company that continues to thrive especially with their latest offering of The Daily Kitchen & Bar, a project for which he has great passion. He even moved himself and his family back to Virginia, from Manhattan Beach just to be part of this undertaking. Two years later, he and his family have made their way back to LA. The SoCal lifestyle just seems to call to his soul.

Ted, however, wasn’t always a health nut. After living a somewhat toxic lifestyle well into his 30’s, he hit the switch, turned it all around (about 10 years ago) and started on a quest to optimal health. This quest has led him to adopting a whole food, plant based diet which he feels is the healthiest, most sustainable / earth friendly and most compassionate. He shares his journey on his blog, The acronym stands for Fitness, Adventure, Nutrition & Spirituality.

If not playing with his 5 year old, Grace, you will most often find Ted surfing, stand up paddling, hiking, biking, doing yoga or at a juice bar or a vegan cafe. He is quite passionate about fitness and plant based nutrition and lives the life he promotes.

Ted’s Two Favorite Meals: Curried Lentil Bowl and Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tacos 

Ted’s Favorite Protein Powders :Sunwarrior Classic “Chocolate   ”Vega All in One Nutritional Shake l “Vanilla Chai”

Ted’s Favorite Green Drink is super energizing! Try it today and get totally psyched for your day.

Ted and the Blondes favorite cooking class is Matthew Kenny’s Culinary School.Go check them out and take a class in person or online. You won’t regret it!!

If I lived in Southern Cali, my goal would be to hang out with Ted every day. He is passionate, kind, and most of all….inspirational. I feel much gratitude that we have met and look forward to my next visit back to Manhattan Beach! Gotta meet the wife and kid anyway. :)

Catch you later….Right on,

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