Lynchburg Community Market Spotlight: Shirley Carwile

This is worthy of reposting!  Go see Shirley on Saturday for all your holiday needs.  

Every year for Christmas I like to get something local for my neighbors, friends, and family (and something that could work as a hostess gift at holiday parties).  Last year I got some beautiful honey from the market and attached a tag listing ways that Douglas and I like to use local honey in our kitchen (salad dressings, marinades, on a cracker with cheese, etc).  This year I was talking to the blondes looking for a new idea and Tiffany suggested I contact Shirley Carwile at the Lynchburg Community Market.

So I did!


And she’s the sweetest.  At her booth you can find jams, jellies, relishes, salsa, baked goods, even crafts and towels! She has been making these delicious creations for forty five years and selling at the market for twenty eight!  Incredible!  Go check her out, buy some jam, and learn more of her story. She was farm raised, has almost always had her own garden, and believes everyone should be able to have locally grown and home canned food. Her favorite thing about being at the market is the people!

Shirley is just one of many fantastic vendors you can meet and buy from at our awesome community market.  Go each week to try something new! Bread, cheese, produce, fruit, canned goods, sweets, chicken, eggs, anything you can think of!  Please support local farmers and creators whenever you can!

Thanks Shirley and the Lynchburg Community Market!  I know my people will be thrilled with their goodies from you this year!


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Have You Heard Of…






I just discovered it and find it to be so cool/cute/creative, I had to share.  Raddish is a cooking club for kids with a monthly delivery full of all kinds of goodies!  You don’t get ingredients, which is awesome because the box is not time sensitive. Instead, each box has three illustrated recipe cards, three skill cards, a project to complete in the kitchen (such as making a solar oven!), a kitchen tool (think measuring cups or something kid safe), and some digital extras!  An example of a digital extra is below…a grocery store scavenger hunt!

Photo from RADDISH


All the recipes are fun to shop for, exciting to prepare and get your kids in the kitchen with fresh ingredients… this club is a total win. Check it out here and let me know what you think.  AND if you love it as much as I do, use code BLONDES5 to save $5 off a six or twelve month membership!  (just in time for Christmas!) THANKS RADDISH!

Happy November,

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My favorite (under $20.00) Christmas Gift.


glass straws

What is inside of this elegant twelve by two and a half-inch box? A beautiful pen? Hand carved pencil? Gold plated spatula? Chic bracelet? Or, could it be my very favorite gift to give this year?

I actually didn’t even know this was a thing. With all the smoothies I drink every day of my life, you would think I would have heard about what’s inside this box! It’s not paper, and thank God not plastic….it is a set of glass straws. Whoever would have guessed? I can tell you…NOT ME! Thanks to a fellow health coach,(thanks Cornelia!) who filled me in on her latest indulgence. Glass straws.

glass straws with green smoothiephoto credit

If you’re not a fan of sucking your pure, healthy,delicious, clean food smoothie through a plastic straw or the good ole paper straw (that I tried so hard to like but my smoothies tasted like they were infused of “spit ball”), get yourself some reusable glass straws. They look awesome, are obviously sustainable, have no harmful chemicals, and they come with an easy to clean brush. Christmas for all the girlfriends…..done. I got mine on Amazon and if you have Prime you can still grab them in time.

glass straws in a glassphoto credit

Wishing everyone the best holiday season ever! Hugs and Love, xoxo

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