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BEC Green Smoothie


Isn’t the BEC Green Smoothie THE BEST SMOOTHIE EVER? Guys, it really is. But, believe it or not, I have a few ways to make it pack even more punch without realllllllly changing the taste (too much).

1. Mix in a little water.  I like my smoothie with a looser texture so I used to add extra coconut milk (my current non dairy milk of choice). Recently I starting using half coconut milk, half cold water and you cannot taste a difference.  Love the texture, love using less milk, and obviously it contains less calories!

2. Throw in some seeds.  I used to swallow a spoonful of chia seeds every morning then it got to the point where I would rather stay in bed all day then walk down the stairs and choke down chia seeds. Now I drop a tablespoon of the white or black variety into my smoothie (we love the seeds by Health Warrior). Chia can makes things “gelatinous” but this small amount doesn’t change the consistency and adds Omega-3s, protein and fiber.  Flax seeds are also always in my smoothie; they’re cancer and disease fighting so why not?

3. Camu Camu Powder. I love throwing some of this fine powder in my green smoothie every day. It is full of immune boosting antioxidants and Vitamin C.

4. Cinnamon has so many benefits we should all be sprinkling it onto everything all the time. To name a few it’s anti-inflammatory, contains antioxidants and multiple nutrients, and can even boost your mood!

5. Change up your greens game. We know the usual green smoothie suspects…kale and spinach. But try mixing it up. Today I used a bag of romaine in mine and as usual, delicious. Try micro greens, beet greens, collards or dandelion greens (these last two can be bitter so maybe use a little less for your first attempts). Different greens give us different things, y’all!

6. Throw in a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar.  Just a bit won’t alter the taste but you get loads of benefits such as lowering blood sugar, aiding in weight loss, and fighting bacteria!

Do you have any smoothie tips that you love?  Let me know!

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chocolate almond butter overnight oats

I just discovered a new favorite website for food inspiration and recipes y’all.  The Healthy Maven is literally, like, the BEST.  There are tons of things I want to try such as Sweet Potato Noodle Pad ThaiTropical Sriracha Chicken Salad, and Superfood Hot Chocolate.   However, the pictures of this Chocolate Almond Butter Overnight Oatmeal spoke. to. me.  Loudly.  

I had to make it immediately.  All the ingredients were already in my cabinet (I LOVE it when that happens) so I made it right away and then just had to wait overnight for them to work their magic.

Overnight Oats


I added a large tablespoon of almond butter to my original mixture (because why not?), a squirt of honey, and a few cacao nibs.  I didn’t heat it up the next morning either like the recipe suggests, I like mine cold!  I just added a few more drops of almond milk, almond butter, and cacao. Sooooo tasty.  This would be a great lunch, 3pm slump snack, or even dessert!  You can’t go wrong with this combo…make it right now.

And I used a picture below from THM, because as delicious as mine is, it’s not nearly this pretty!

healthy maven
PHOTO CRED: the healthy maven

Thanks, The Healthy Maven!


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I’ve never been a big “sweets” girl.  I am a salty, savory eater and always have been.  However, every now and then I want something chocolate, I mean, come on, who doesn’t?  I saved this recipe for No-Cook Overnight Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding a while ago and (stupidly) waited until today to make it.






I haven’t even let it “sit” overnight yet and I can’t stop eating.  It is creamy, heavenly, healthy, chocolate deliciousness! I did tweak a few things.  I added a scoop of almond butter and also two tablespoons of date sugar.  Why?  If I am having something sweet, I want really sweet so that worked for me.  You probably have everything in your cabinets to make it right now…dooooooo itttttttt!


Thanks PaleoGrubs!

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Protein Bars, Granola Bars. Which one to pick?

BEC approved


The grocery store aisle with ALL the bars gives most of my clients a panic attack! “Which one is healthy? Which one will keep me full? Does it have enough protein? How many calories? And definitely, which one actually tastes good????” I am usually lucky enough to take my clients on a tour of the grocery store and we literally spend two hours figuring out how to read labels, what ingredients to avoid, and how to pick items that will promote health and not disease. Today, we are talking bars….this section alone takes about 10 minutes. I will give you a list of a few of the bars that actually contain real food and ingredients that you will recognize. These are ingredients that you can find stocked in your pantry.(mostly) Ingredients that will keep you energized. Ingredients that will keep you full and NOT have you craving processed sugar all day long!

Lara Bar 2


1) The Lara Bar. My favorite is the peanut butter and the bar has only 3 ingredients. Peanuts, dates, and salt. This bar is soft and chewy and has nothing bad in it!





2) The Kind Bar. Some have a little added sugar, but are made most from nuts and fruit. Many of my clients get off junk food or highly processed granola bars with this bar because it tastes like a candy bar….well, sort of.



Chia bar


3) The Chia Bar.  Packed with plant based omega 3’s which are great for brain health and fiber so you stay full for a while. My favorite flavor is the coffee and chocolate peanut butter.  These bars only have a 100 calories so I sometimes grab two. Another great thing to do is buy a bag of organic chia seeds and put them on salads, yogurt, or smoothies. Be aware, chia seeds expand and fill up with liquid so if you put some IN a smoothie rather than on top you must drink immediately or they will become gelatinous. New flavor is the dark chocolate coconut sea salt. Dying to try.


Raw Revolution Almond Butter Cup Bar


4) Raw Revolution Bar. These taste like treat bars, the only downside is they put a little agave in for a  sweetener which I’m not crazy about because of the fructose content and agave is usually highly processed. But these bars taste amazing. Overall, pretty clean.




5) Perfect Bar. I LOVE THIS BAR! It is like a treat to me. Without a doubt I choose the Almond Butter. If I’m in a mad rush and don’t have time to eat, I like this bar because it is made of pretty much real food, has 300 calories so I can use it as a small meal replacement and has a bunch of protein.


All these bars are non GMO which is important to me. I know there are many other brands on the market that I approve….but sometimes a smaller list is best. Now take the time you just saved in the “bar” aisle in the grocery store and use it to go on a walk, take a bath, do some yoga, or just chill.


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