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A friend recently told me about the app Think Dirty.  What is it?  Straight from their website Think Dirty says:


Think Dirty® app is the easiest way to learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in your cosmetics and personal care products. Just scan the product barcode and Think Dirty will give you easy-to-understand info on the product, its ingredients, and shop cleaner options!”

Amazing right?  Oh, and it’s free.

I loved reading the founder’s story and how she developed this app to empower and educate consumers. Like many of us she didn’t realize how many cancer causing and hormone disrupting chemicals are found in products we use everyday.

The Kit best describes how the app works: “Think Dirty is an app that allows you to scan bar codes of beauty products, or search by a key word, and up comes a dirty rating. If the product has a rating of 0-3, it’s considered very safe with ingredients that do not cause any negative effects, while a 10 is a big red flag indicating that there are ingredients that could cause negative long term effects. The app rates the products by three categories: carcinogenicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and allergenicity and immunotoxicity. The ingredients in the products are the main focus, since company policies and practices can “greenwash” their products, making them seem safer then they are.”  Read more about Think Dirty from The Kit here.

My beauty routine is not nearly as clean as I want it to be but I am hoping through this app, I can get to a much healthier place. There is also a Shop section on the site where you can get the cleanest products all in one place. I’m so sold!

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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A Little Tuesday Afternoon Lesson…

dry brushing


Do you guys drybrush?  I admit, I slack in the drybrushing department but am really trying to make it a daily habit.  One of the most recent pieces of convincing evidence I came across was this great video from our friend Vani aka The Food Babe.   Watch it, then come back to me.

Doesn’t that viddie make you want to run out and buy a dry brush?  Here is a link to the one I ordered and I love it.  Long handled, affordable, and painless.


dry brush 2
Photo from Amazon/Sublime Beauty


In case you didn’t watch the video (I see you!) I read more about the benefits of daily dry brushing from the Wellness Mama.  Her list includes:

1. Lymphatic Support-Basically, a natural self detox of your bod!
2. Exfoliation-Baby soft skin, noticeable after your first dry brushing experience…score!
3. Clean Pores-Got Back-Ne?  Drybrushing can help with that too!
4. Improves Cellulite-I am still skeptical on this but, hey, I am giving it one heck of a shot.  Experts say it’s temporary.

Wellness Mama lists a lot more fantastic information so check out her site for more specific deets.

Have I talked you into it?  Give it a try, the hardest part for me is just adding it into my daily routine, before I shower in the mornings. But it doesn’t take long and the benefits are immense.  Let me know what you discover when you start drybrushing!

PS I decided to meet with an expert on drybrushing and had myself professionally drybrushed this week.  I will post my update in a few weeks on professional vs self brushing!  Let’s just say I am a fan of both!


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Plan a trip to Moab, Utah. (never thought I would say that in a million years.)

I’m pretty sure nobody has ever referred to me as the “nature girl.” And I’m positive nobody has ever said, “Hey Tiff, Can I borrow your  tent and sleeping bag?”  I mean, I’ve never even owned a pair of real hiking boots….well, except for my Doc Martens but I’m pretty sure they aren’t “really” anything like a hiking boot.(not that I would even know.) But they make me taller and are super cute.

So why on earth am I telling you to go to Utah? Let alone Moab, Utah in the middle of pretty much NOTHING. And I mean actually nothing. Because I have lived my whole life feeling like I “should” visit a National Park but could never really make sense of taking actual vacation time to go the desert. Now don’t get me wrong, I adore nature when it comes to looking at the Blue Ridge Mountains, I love to ski, and there is nothing in life I find more peaceful than to look at the ocean (nature) or sit on a dock by a lake. (more nature)   BUT THE DESERT!!! YUCK.

This is how it happened. I went to Park City, Utah on a vacation to go skiing and visit my son who attends the “U.” (aka, University of Utah). Well…..there is pretty much no snow. Sooooooo, my family (who I obviously love more than life) decided to set off to visit Moab, Utah in the freakin desert. Wow, what a vacation. We arrived in this old western little town of 5,000 people. We asked locals what to do and they said to go to see Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. I had actually seen some cool pictures of it on my home computer cause my hubby had it as a screen saver. Yeah, it looked cool on the computer. Never entertaining the idea of seeing it in real life. But now we were there. And then… happened. Pictures cannot and will not EVER even come close to describing what I saw. And my words cannot describe how I felt. I’ve heard it from others a million times. You should go, it’s breathtaking. But until this moment in time I didn’t understand. The magnitude. The beauty. The peace. Holy crap people… a plane ticket! Get in your car and drive. If only for a couple of days. Don’t be like I was. I needed someone to tell me to gooooo, just gooooo! These pictures probably won’t convince you because just like me, you have seen them before. So you’re gonna have to take my word for it. You will not be disappointed.


Delicate Arch newDelicate Arch (that’s us underneath and a huge cliff on the other side)

While you are there you can zip line (we did this and it was insane and not what you are thinking when you hear “zip line”), mountain bike, rock climb, hike, climb rocks, white water raft, camp (hotel) and more stuff. You can be a total live on the edge adventurer and love it, or just your average joe looking for something cool.  We also went to a place called Canyonlands National Park that was gorgeous. Some say its rivals the Grand Canyon. Moab, Utah…..I’ll be back.

xoxo, live life, see the unexpected,

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Thanksgiving Tips // BEC Hangover Remedy

thanksgiving BEC tips

Here we go again! The Holiday Season is here- BRING IT. We have listed a few tips to get you through this Thanksgiving Holiday…   it’s all about the sweat, party, and Friday cure- BEC has your back.    Watch our Video HERE

1) MOVE.  Wake up and do something. Whether it is going for a run, heading to your favorite yoga class, or check out our babes at Tone it Up for a quick video. Our little BEC’s in training love to do work out videos with adults. Make this move thing a family (or friends) event. Check the TIU girls below. I love these ideas… Warning **  they are on a beach.   Don’t be mad. ok, I’m mad.



2) No one freak. HAVE FUN. Seriously, if you know any of the girls at BEC then you know we like to have a little (LOT) of fun. Did someone say party? EAT, DRINK, AND HAVE FUN. If you are heading to a feast  and are afraid of what they may be serving you, bring your own dish! I love to bring a salad or green that I know I will fill my plate with and “side” all of the other choices. I do this because certain food gives me an equally painful hangover as drinking my kombucha-vodkas.<– (kombucha with a splash of vodka on ice)

BEC ideas from our favorite sites + favorite bloggers:

Dessert // No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie // OMG

Appetizer // Salad // Arugula, Fennel, Apple, Orange, and Pomegranate Salad // great uninvited dish. Can’t be mad at fall in a bowl. Who else will make this? NO ONE. = Hero    Great example of what I would fill my plate with and side it with the butterball.

Main Steeze // Gluten-free Stuffing // Quinoa stuffing looks AH-mazing.    I usually make a corn bread stuffing with apples, and local sausage. I use a family recipe and clean it up with whole, organic ingredients.

See something you like above but don’t want to go to the store? Let me help you out here… A great idea to distress the holiday preparation in our area (in Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Richmond and Northern VA area) is RELAYFOODS.  Who the heck has time to run to the grocery with empty shelves to find nothing? You can order all of your ingredients and premade food on Relay until midnight on Tuesday and pick up in the Lynchburg area on Wednesday. They offer local and organic ingredients and also have local turkeys STILL available.  True that.

3) FRIDAY MORNING ELIXER < AND //  OR>  CLEANSING SMOOTHIE< Ok, as I said, we get food AND drink hangovers. Here is what BEC recommends to save your mind, body, and soul the morning after!  I usually suffer on Saturday morning due to the immense party sessions on Friday night with family and friends in town so use these tips through out the weekend (LIFE).

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our people! Have the best of time and stay tuned for our leftover ideas :)





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