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Mary has been making me drool lately with her gorgeous fashion posts.  Helloooooo ASOS.  With holiday parties, New Year’s Eve, and my birthday right around the corner, we all have tons of reasons to dress up (hahahaha, I’m not kidding)!

Which brings me to my online obsession, REVOLVE.  This site makes online shopping so easy.  Free shipping both ways, super quick delivery, and seriously everything you would want or need from gloves and hats to bags and jumpsuits….with everything in between. They also send you a return shipping prepaid envelope so you don’t even have to go to the post office…ever.

Black Friday is not a day you will see me out and about shopping (NO THANK YOU!). But you can be sure I will be at home on my laptop, perusing this fabulous site.



Check them out, tons of price points and loads of holiday dresses.  Boom.

Annnnddddddd have a wonderful Thanksgiving, we are thankful for you!

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