Stop obsessing on the amount of fat, carbs, protein and calories. READ THE INGREDIENTS.

Eat real food now


In America we have become obsessed with fat, calories, protein and carbs. We are so busy counting how many calories does this have? Is this enough protein? That is way too many carbs!, Ten grams of fat….I’m not eating that!

So what’s the problem with all this. We are forgetting the most important rule.  The rule that will keep you alive longer. The rule that will give you sustainable energy. The rule that will keep you full longer.The rule that trumps every other rule. EAT REAL FOOD. Yes guys, eat actual food. Real food. That means food that is one ingredient. Ingredients that we recognize as food. We can pronounce them. We know whether they grew on a tree or in the ground. An apple. Piece of broccoli. A walnut. Oats. Rice. You get the idea. But nooooooo, instead we eat food like substances because they fit into the correct formula of the amount of carbs, protein, fat, and calories we think we should have. We are putting more and more harmful chemicals into our bodies every year. We are eating “stuff” but not even eating food! We are looking at the front of the label where companies spend billions of dollars in ADVERTISING! Yup. They are just ads. They don’t care what is in the product or how it makes us feel. They want to sell their product and lots of it. I don’t blame them….it is a business. But we have to be informed. We need to know we CANNOT trust the front, side, or back of the box to know if we are eating real food. It is our job as consumers to make informed decisions on what we put in our body.So read your ingredient labels. Here are my five simple tips.

1)The first ingredient means it has the most of that ingredient in your item. So, make sure it is a good one. The first ingredient should never be sugar or one of the hundreds of “other” name for sugar. Good example of advertising  is a Cliff Bar where the first ingredient reads brown rice syrup….AKA….sugar.

2) You should be able to read all the ingredients and recognize them as actual food. Ingredients your Grandmother cooked with. For  a super quick read on real food get Michael Pollens book Food Rules.

3) If it has partially hydrogenated oil (trans fat) do not buy it. (Illegal in most other countries….why?…..promotes heart disease, raises your bad cholesterol, and lowers your good!) Look at your peanut butter guys.

4) If it has high fructose corn syrup….do not buy it. Our bodies cannot even process this substance. 

5) If there is soy in your ingredient list make sure your eating organic or at the very least non-GMO.

This is a start. And I do promise you this…. if you eat REAL FOOD, you will gain energy, feel more satisfied, lose weight and become happier. Just give it a try. And of course, drink 8 cups of water a day too. :)))

Lets feel awesome, xo

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