Small Town, Big Options

small town options
So Tiff, Mary, and I live in Lynchburg, VA which is a VERY small town.  We have extremely limited options when it comes to healthy, organic grocery stores.  So, for real, if we can do it you can do it.   We are lucky to have access to Relay Foods and Horse and Buggy Produce, Community Market and a Fresh Market in our town.

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What are your options for healthy eating?  Do you order groceries online?  (This was a foreign concept to me until Tiff and Mary put it on my radar.  It’s actually pretty cool and convenient.)  Also within an hour’s drive there is a great natural food store and a Whole Foods.  I have been known to pack a cooler full of ice and head East to the “big city” of Charlottesville and stock up.  Let us know how you do it!
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