Six Tips for a Clean Eating Game Day Spread


If I could say one thing to a football game it would be, “I’m just not that into you“.  Like, for real. However, I am in to all of the fun things that surround football games such as socially acceptable day drinking, tons of food, and cozy sweaters.  I mean, what else is there?  As much as my husband likes to go to his alma mater Virginia Tech to watch the action live, I prefer to host our friends in the comfort of our own home.  It gives me a little more control over the important things like drinks, food, attire, and the proximity to my bed.  Below are a few ideas for hosting your friends, male or female or both, for a pretty clean eating but h%ll of a good time spread.

1. The Cheese Plate– I know I know this isn’t girl’s night at your monthly book club BUT trust me…my husband (and his friends) LOVE a good cheese plate.  This link from the Live Fit Girls provides some good ideas on healthier cheeses to use so start there but then get creative.  Add tons of nuts (maybe even this recipe for spiced nuts from Elana’s Pantry), chunky jam, fresh fruit like grapes, pineapple, apple slices, orange wedges and in addition to water crackers add some local bread torn into large pieces.  It looks beautiful, pleases the guys and girls plus it stretches a long way.

2. Guacamole and Salsa– I eat an avocado almost every day.  They are full of healthy fat, satisfy my hunger for hours, and taste amazing.  My quick trick to nearly instant guacamole for game day (or any day)?  I buy organic, HOT salsa and mix it with luscious avocado, pink salt, and fresh squeezed lime juice. That’s it.  Seriously.  Serve with organic tortilla chips or make your own.  Helpful hint, make more than you think you’ll need.  It will go quickly.

3. Chili– This one’s easy.  Mary’s Bison Pumpkin Chili.  Total crowd pleaser, body warmer, conversation starter.  You’re welcome.

4. Spiced {Roasted!} Shrimp– Trust me, as someone who planned large scale events for what seems like 100 years, the seafood on the table is the first thing to go.  People flock to it.  This spiced shrimp recipe with homemade cocktail sauce is so good.  (We always love the beautiful pictures on Joyful Healthy Eats too…added bonus!)  Use wild caught shrimp!  Make a lot and watch it fly off the platter.

5. Hummus– Because it’s my spread and I LOVE HUMMUS.  Just kidding.  Throw some hummus on the table alongside lightly roasted veggies and watch people eye it, take a small amount, then come back for seconds.  And thirds.  Or lick the bowl (ME!).

6. MEATBALLS! I love this super simple recipe from the Gracious Pantry.  Change it up and try bison or lean beef or a combination of both and keep them warm in a crockpot with Rao’s tomato sauce.  Everyone LOVES a good meatball, especially the guys.

So no this isn’t your typical <gross> nacho and buffalo wing spread but it IS delicious, clean, beautiful and fun to eat.  Keep the booze (AND WATER) flowing, the volume up, and let the good times roll!


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