Simple… Simple Syrup

simple syrup
Tonight I am having happy hour with my sister in law at my place and am so excited to have cocktails, catch up with her, have cocktails, gossip, have cocktails, and hang out (and have cocktails).  She is a gimlet lover so I wanted to make a healthy-ish simple syrup and serve her a tasty gimlet upon arrival (the girl has four {adorable} kids, so let’s be honest, she needs/deserves it).

Simple... Simple Syrup
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Recipe type: Simple Syrup
  • 3 cups of water
  • 2-4 mint sprigs (from my own plant, thank you very much!)
  • 2 cups raw organic sugar
  1. I started with the three cups of water and two-4 mint sprigs (from my own plant, thank you very much) on the stove. When it came to a rolling boil, I added two cups of organic raw sugar. (Traditional SS calls for equal parts sugar and water but you definitely don’t need that much sugar. In fact, I could have probably gotten away with one cup of sugar to three cups of water and will likely try that next time).
  2. Turn it down to a simmer until all of the sugar has dissolved. Let it cool then pour into a pretty vessel and voila, time for happy hour!

To make my gimlet, fill a rocks glass with a ton of ice, one and quarter ounces of vodka (I like Ketel One, Rain, or Tito’s), the fresh juice of an entire lime, two tablespoons of your homemade simple syrup then fill to the brim with club soda.  Boom!

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