Seven Easy Swaps to CLEAN Up Your Kitchen

Lucky for me, I really love whole foods and eating clean…most of the time.  Some of my old habits and cravings are harder to shake than others. However there are several super healthy swaps that are easy to adopt into your kitchen TODAY!  I promise.  You won’t miss your old ingredients and you will feel so much better about feeding your family these nutrition packed alternatives!

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1. Table Salt for Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

White table salt is stripped of any and all minerals naturally found in salt.  Pink Himalayan Sea Salt tastes the same as table salt but it does contain minerals and nutrients such as magnesium and potassium!  It’s a no brainer.  You will never reach for the white stuff again.  (I even travel with my own pink salt!)  Read more about salt on Food Renegade.

2. White Vinegar for Apple Cider Vinegar

You have all heard me scream the praises of Bragg’s ACV.  I take a shot or two of it every day, add a drop into my smoothies, and use it in place of other vinegars in any recipe I am making.  The health benefits are endless and the taste is so much better!

3. Sour Cream for Full Fat Greek Yogurt

Obviously we want to eat this in moderation but full fat yogurt has the same tart and zing as sour cream but it is loaded with protein, calcium and probiotics.

4. Pasteurized Sauerkraut for Fermented Raw Kraut

I am obsessed with Farmhouse Culture Garlic Dill Pickle Kraut.  Eat it with a fork right out of the bag, top anything from the grill with it, then drink the juice when the kraut is gone.  It’s great for your skin, full of healthy bacteria, and bursting with vitamins, fiber and potassium.


5. “Shelf” Juice for Cold Pressed Juice

Juice that sits on the shelf at your grocery store is full of sugar, preservatives and is heavily processed.  When you buy cold pressed juice, you will spend a little more money but get a shot of vitamins and minerals instantly.  We are partial to Suja, especially their variety of green juices. Delicious, easy for your body to break down, and never any added sugar.

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6. Conventional Peanut Butter for Organic Two Ingredient Peanut Butter

I learned from Mary and Tiffany that peanuts are grown underground and absorb highly toxic pesticides when sprayed.  You always want to buy organic peanut butter and it should contain NOTHING but peanuts and salt.  Ever.  For real, y’all.

7. Conventional Oil for Unrefined Coconut Oil

By now you have seen all the (millions) of uses for coconut oil from the kitchen to the bathroom to the shower.  I love it for cooking almost anything!  I use CO when I saute vegetables or chicken and also melt it and use in recipes in place of other oils or butter.

These are my favorite swaps, let me know if I’m missing anything you have swapped in your kitchen!

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