Play In It, Don’t Lay In It

This is a lesson I learned from my best friend who also happens to be a huge sun worshipper (heyyyyyy Austyn!). Because she loves the sun, she is also diligent about going to the dermatologist every year for a checkup.  On her most recent visit, her derm gave her the advice “play in it, don’t lay in it”.

Most of us love the sun, the sand, the water…but we have to remember to protect ourselves. According to, almost 74,000 new melanoma cases will be diagnosed this year alone.  So, duh, we all know to apply SPF regularly right?

Unfortunately, like with our food, we have to do our own research to find out which sunscreens are actually “clean” and not filled with toxins and harmful chemicals. Similar to reading food labels, when looking at the ingredients in sunscreen if you can’t pronounce it, you don’t want to use it.  Lucky for you (and me) there are some fantastic resources out there that help us navigate what is safe and what is not.  Here are some of my favorite links:

1. Environmental Working Group– This site is fantastic for everything from soup to nuts…and sunscreen.  Here is the link to their guide to sun.

2. Live StrongThis link shares the thirty safest sun prevention products and three to avoid. What shocked me the most here was to avoid any potions that claim to have an SPF over 50.  And even though it’s super convenient, the spray lotions are NOT good for us.

3. Safe Mama– I learned a lot from the research done by Safe Mama.  Namely, stay away from OXYBENZONE.  It’s a nasty chemical linked to cancer and is harmful to the nervous system (yikes).  Check out what she has to say here.

4. Dr. AxeThis doc tells us that 75% of sunscreens are toxic!  So frustrating!  But he offers several alternatives to sunscreen plus a few products that are safe.  He also reminds us the sun and Vitamin D are not our enemy!  We just have to be smart about it, y’all.

5. American SkinAccording to AS, there is NO safe sun tan.  This site also taught me something I hadn’t read before: the shadow rule.  Short Shadow-Seek Shade.  “When a person’s shadow is shorter than the person is tall, the intensity of the UV rays from the sun is more likely to cause sunburn.”  Who knew?

I hope these links help you navigate the confusing world of sun protection.  Obvi, most of these safe sun screens are available online (we love amazon) but I have seen Coola products at Nordstrom and Yes to Carrots at Target!  Yes!


Me on vacation…with my big hat and big shades and coated with safe sunscreen!


Has anyone read about making your own sunscreen?!  Say what? I keep seeing it on various sites.  Let me know if you’ve tried it.


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2 comments on Play In It, Don’t Lay In It

  1. Tiffany
    07/10/2015 at 2:47 pm (3 years ago)

    Awesome. Super informative. :)

  2. Austee
    07/13/2015 at 6:21 pm (3 years ago)



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