Plan a trip to Moab, Utah. (never thought I would say that in a million years.)

I’m pretty sure nobody has ever referred to me as the “nature girl.” And I’m positive nobody has ever said, “Hey Tiff, Can I borrow your  tent and sleeping bag?”  I mean, I’ve never even owned a pair of real hiking boots….well, except for my Doc Martens but I’m pretty sure they aren’t “really” anything like a hiking boot.(not that I would even know.) But they make me taller and are super cute.

So why on earth am I telling you to go to Utah? Let alone Moab, Utah in the middle of pretty much NOTHING. And I mean actually nothing. Because I have lived my whole life feeling like I “should” visit a National Park but could never really make sense of taking actual vacation time to go the desert. Now don’t get me wrong, I adore nature when it comes to looking at the Blue Ridge Mountains, I love to ski, and there is nothing in life I find more peaceful than to look at the ocean (nature) or sit on a dock by a lake. (more nature)   BUT THE DESERT!!! YUCK.

This is how it happened. I went to Park City, Utah on a vacation to go skiing and visit my son who attends the “U.” (aka, University of Utah). Well…..there is pretty much no snow. Sooooooo, my family (who I obviously love more than life) decided to set off to visit Moab, Utah in the freakin desert. Wow, what a vacation. We arrived in this old western little town of 5,000 people. We asked locals what to do and they said to go to see Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. I had actually seen some cool pictures of it on my home computer cause my hubby had it as a screen saver. Yeah, it looked cool on the computer. Never entertaining the idea of seeing it in real life. But now we were there. And then… happened. Pictures cannot and will not EVER even come close to describing what I saw. And my words cannot describe how I felt. I’ve heard it from others a million times. You should go, it’s breathtaking. But until this moment in time I didn’t understand. The magnitude. The beauty. The peace. Holy crap people… a plane ticket! Get in your car and drive. If only for a couple of days. Don’t be like I was. I needed someone to tell me to gooooo, just gooooo! These pictures probably won’t convince you because just like me, you have seen them before. So you’re gonna have to take my word for it. You will not be disappointed.


Delicate Arch newDelicate Arch (that’s us underneath and a huge cliff on the other side)

While you are there you can zip line (we did this and it was insane and not what you are thinking when you hear “zip line”), mountain bike, rock climb, hike, climb rocks, white water raft, camp (hotel) and more stuff. You can be a total live on the edge adventurer and love it, or just your average joe looking for something cool.  We also went to a place called Canyonlands National Park that was gorgeous. Some say its rivals the Grand Canyon. Moab, Utah…..I’ll be back.

xoxo, live life, see the unexpected,

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