The Food Babe’s Sugar Cookies…With a Twist


So I was perusing the food babe’s website earlier (shocking) looking for something to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I don’t crave sweets often but every now and then a girl needs some sugar!  I challenged myself to attempt the below recipe for ‘healthy sugar cookies’.

sugarcookies2sugar cookies

Food Babe’s Healthy Sugar Cookies
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 12
  • 2 cups blanched almond flour
  • ¼ cup coconut oil melted (or grass-fed butter at room temp)
  • ½ cup coconut palm sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tbsp. vanilla extract
  • ¼ teaspoon fine sea salt
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Mix all wet ingredients together and combine well
  3. Slowly pour dry ingredients into wet ingredients and mix well
  4. Drop a tablespoon of dough on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet
  5. Bake cookies for 8-10 mins (until edges are golden brown)
  6. As cookies are cooling, sprinkle with a little coconut sugar after baking if desired
  7. Cool cookies for at least 5 mins before serving
  8. (Alternatively, if you are cutting out shapes, refrigerate dough for at least 1 hour and then roll out using a rolling pin and additional almond flour and bake the same way)
  9. ***Please use all organic ingredients if possible***


I changed a couple of things.  I doubled the recipe (because, why not?) except used only about three and a half cups of the almond meal.  I also added 5 oz of dried unsweetened tart cherries at the last minute.  I baked them about nine minutes and OMG I am blown away.  They’re nutty, chewy, gooey, sweet, and buttery.  So tasty!  I will say they are nothing like a traditional ‘sugar’ cookie so I will probably tell my husband it’s something else so he won’t have expectations of a white disk coated in sugar and filled with chemicals.  But all in all, fabulous recipe and the tangy cherries added a nice pop!
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Date Night

rachel and douglas

So Douglas and I do not have children but we do have very busy lives and try to make one night during the week a steady date night.  It’s usually Tuesdays and we switch off from week to week.  If it’s my week I like to prepare a tasty (clean) meal or take him out to dinner.  On his weeks, he usually chooses to take me out but tonight he cooked and cleaned (sort of)!  I am embarrassed I don’t have better pictures but we were so hungry and everything was so good I only remembered to take pics when we were finished!

date night fish We started with a spinach salad that he topped with freshly cut strawberries, chopped macadamia nuts, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, S & P.  It was so tasty.  He had gotten a large piece of wild caught grouper and what he did with it was SO simple and so CLEAN!  He put it on a cookie sheet covered in foil that he lightly sprayed with EVOO.  He placed the grouper on the foil lightly seasoned with salt and pepper and then covered it with thinly slices of lemon.  That’s it! (sort of).  He baked it for about 20 minutes on 360.  We watched it closely and checked it often so I recommend you do the same.  I say “sort of” in regard to the fish because when it came out it really was delicious but because I like to add to everything, I lightly sprayed my finished piece of fish with more evoo and added another squeeze of lemon and a dash more s and p.  INSANE!  I say “sort of” in regard to him cooking and cleaning because I go behind him the whole time and clean a little (a lot).  Ugh…no man understands that if YOU CLEAN AS YOU GO WHEN YOU FINISH, THE KITCHEN WILL BE CLEAN!  That’s neither here nor there….

So alongside the fish he served our staples, roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli.  All with EVOO, S &P.  He added cinnamon to his sweet potato and I added a little crumbled bleu cheese.  All in all, was a fab date night!  We finished with FOOD BABE’S chia pudding.   That recipe can be found here.

FoodBabes-chiapuddingrachel signaturefood babes chia pudding

Portion Control…Say What?

almod milkThere’s a special someone in my life that like all of us, tries her best to make clean eating choices when she can.  She has tried many of our recipes and lots of tips and tricks from Tiff and Mary and for that I am very proud of her.  But the other day she called me with the strangest comment I had ever heard.  “I think fat bombs and kale smoothies are making me gain weight.”

Say what?  This person, who shall remain nameless but I like to call her ‘Mom’, eats the way I grew up eating.  Cheese, bread, salads, cheese, bread, veggies from the garden, wine, cheese, bread, tequila, cheese and salt.  So when she began to incorporate fat bombs and kale smoothies into her diet I was so proud of her.  This pride slowly began to evade my body after this phone call however.


Anyway, I said mom I am sorry if it seems like you have gained weight but please do not stop eating kale smoothies and fat bombs.  She told me it was the only change she had made in the last few weeks and that they must be the culprit.  Sigh.  So then we went through her ingredients we discovered she was adding a sizable amount of KEFIR to her smoothies, after already having a granola yogurt parfait first thing in the morning.  Not that this is considered a felony or anything but why I ask do you add KEFIR?  (I don’t like KEFIR, maybe that’s why I am putting it in all caps?  Weird.)  She said well for the probiotics.  She went on to tell me that it was ok because it was FAT FREE.  NOOOOOOOOO.

I used to live for FAT FREE FOODS.  I thought I could eat a box or drink a bottle of anything it was fat free because it was like air, right?  No.  Instead of fat, they fuel those items with chemicals and fake sugars (more chemicals) to make them palatable.  Which in turn can make you gain weight.  (Side note-there are beloved people in my life who stick to a low to no fat diet for heart health reasons and that’s a different story, I am talking strictly from a clean eating perspective).

She also told me she was using sweetened almond milk!  The unsweetened vanilla is amazing and has 60 less calories per serving!  That’s a ton ya’ll.

So if you feel like you are plateauing in your weight, look at your choices and make sure you’re buying the right items and eating proper quantities.

Oh, and what did I find out about the fat bombs and my mother’s choice there?  All I am going to say is limit to two per day people.
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The Travel Bug…and Recovery

Travel bug

I just got back from a four day trip to Houston with a girlfriend followed by four days in Las Vegas with my husband for a conference.  I feel like all I have done is eat, drink, eat some more and then finally, eat.  The good news is, I am usually one who likes to work out on vacation.  I am a workout “hobbyist”.  If I am in a “big” city, I enjoy trying a new workout that I may have never done before.  If I am at the beach, nothing beats a jog (walk) alongside the crashing waves or some yoga or Pilates oceanside.  But this trip?  I just wasn’t feeling it!  I wanted to enjoy the amazing restaurants, see the sights, and worry about my diet “tomorrow”.  I will say, I walked EVERYWHERE.  My feet feel so raw in addition to my bloat!  But you know what?  That’s ok!  It’s Sunday morning, we got home late last night and I am ready to reset.


I woke up this morning after letting myself sleep in.  Not setting an alarm is a luxury I relish and I am a person who needs a lot of sleep.  My first step after rise and shine?  I drank a mixture of warm water, cayenne pepper, and the juice from a whole lemon and took a shot of apple cider vinegar (ACV).  Was it delicious? No.  Was it palatable?  Yes.  And I feel like it helps detox my body after treating it poorly several days in a row.

Note: The ACV shot should be followed by a TON of water.  It can hurt your teeth so don’t brush them right afterwards either.

Since it’s Sunday, my gym is closed but Douglas and I wanted to do something active.  We walked our neighborhood and then did a thirty-minute workout DVD.  This is not my ideal activity but the point is, I did what I could with what I had!  I was so proud of us after we worked out!  We both felt less jet lagged, bleary eyed, and full from all the debauchery of the past week.  I have learned that after I mess up my diet or fitness routine, instead of saying, screw it, lets go to hibachi! (even though this sometimes seems logical) I feel so much better if I hit the pavement, go to the gym or make a green smoothie.  I feel like me again in no time!  Oh and words to live by from my dear friend David, put the bottle/fork down, honey!rachel signature

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