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Working with clients the past 9 years has taught me so much. Originally, my practice was a rigid six month program that was structured to practice in depth recipes, eating mostly organic, and trying 26 different “green things” to make sure you knew the creativity that can go into eating healthy. I was a little nervous working with people, following our school instruction to “the T” and wanted to make sure everyone got the most out of each session. It is actually really funny to think back and remember I was teaching sushi classes, encouraging people to take yoga (who really hated it)  and wanted everyone to experience some kind of spiritual “aha” moment through food. After about a year of working this way, I had my own “aha” moment. Let’s be real. Yoga does not have to be part of everyone’s life. Some people would rather just get outside and play with their kids! Not everyone is going to like the way I prepare my favorite food.. some just want to get greens in a delicious green smoothie that tastes like a milkshake ;) .  We are busy and want to be told what to eat, when to eat it, and let’s make it fast. Tiffany and I both have the same mantra: Make it fun, keep it real, work together with friends and family, and sing a lot. We love what we do.   ~mary


Although we truly believe that we should slooooooooooow down, eat at the table SITTING with family and friends is one of the more important things in life..   we can pre-prep and make it easier. Dinner is one thing, but getting people to even eat breakfast or prepare a quality lunch is another!

These recipes from one of our favorite fashion bloggers, The Zoe Report, are right on. This can ALL be prepped in advance and be put in the fridge to grab and go the next morning. Although they are described as a breakfast item you can also make them for lunch! Take them all to work and stack them in the fridge with your name on them. We have corporate clients that want to get outside for a walk during their lunch break and want some ideas to eat on the go.  Here ya go! Please keep in mind (in our opinion) that the avocado pudding recipe is more of a dessert item We would go ahead and mix the entire avocado as a chocolate pudding (I dont know, I just dont like to eat pureed green avocado so just blend the whole  thing) and separate it in 3 separate servings in smaller mason jars for a quick, delicious dessert. Because you are getting healthy fat from the avocado, top with coconut flakes instead! YUM

Zoe, thanks again for the great ideas! You rock.

Head over to her blog for full recipes here. 



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