New Year’s Resolutions? NAH



This time of year the health business BOOMS. Gyms rely on those New Year’s Resolutions to meet their quota for the year..

I am watching the TODAY show and the guy from the Biggest Loser just did a little piece on health. I thought his suggestions were way better than what I had in mind today so here they are- I just made them even better:

30 days! It feels good to write down resolutions and share them with our partner in crime for the coming year but 365 days is a huge commitment. So much of a commitment that many of us have brain farts on a daily basis and think we have 364 more days to eat healthy or go to the gym.. 363,362, oh whatever next month. It’s a vicious cycle. We love to work with our clients on immediate goals, 3 month goals, and 6 month goals. It is realistic.

Imagine the next 30 days as a challenge and then build on that! If you can do these three things in January I promise you will be on your way to a healthier 2016. More energy, less lbs, and in your prime.

CUT OUT SUGARY DRINKS. REPLACE WITH WATER.   This is HUGE. The pumpkin, peppermint frappes that have more sugar than you should consume in an entire day is over. Put that money away, drink some coffee at home and spice it up with a touch of creamer and cinnamon, grab a green tea, drink water. Drink warm water. Drink infused water. DRINK 8 CUPS OF WATER for 30 days and tell you do not feel a difference. Want to be in the top 25%? Drink water. Then spread the love and tell the other 75% dehydrated Americans to stop drying up and drink their water.

MOVE 3 DAYS A WEEK   The guy on TODAY told us to go to soul cycle but I have seen those prices and you do not have to be rich to be in shape. Although… add up the money you spend on starbucks and you may be rich. I am a huge advocate of do whatever the hell you want. Just get that body moving. Grab a friend (someone who will kick your butt for not following through) and go on a walk, hike or the gym. I do LOVE a good cycle class so maybe try something different. A class like environment may be your thing.

Eat a vegetable 7 days a week  Seems simple. It’s amazing how many of us do not consume veggies.. we have great suggestions here on BEC or hop on Pinterest and find some simple recipes. Smoothies, delicious salads, roasted veggies.. get addicted. 7 days a week… that would be every day for the next 30 days.

We believe in you.

Happy NEW YEAR! Now go drink some champagne but remember to wake up and drink a big glass of water to rehydrate. Then brunch it with some eggs and sweet potato fries covered in hot sauce. Best hang over food ever.




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