New Year, New Resolution?

Ugh, IKR?!

Resolutions are the worst! Or are they?

My problem is I hype myself up for some unrealistic goal, fail pretty quickly (hello January 10th-ish), and then say WHATEVER and forget all about what and why I wanted to do.


So let’s not make resolutions. Let’s make some commitments to ourselves (thanks for sparking this Jo-Elsa!).

For example, I want to start cooking at home for my family more and dining out less. It’s healthier, it’s more economical, and for us it’s more fun! We can be wild and crazy and throw our food (looking at you 17 month old Aubrey) and no one stares, no one cares, and I have three dogs who will happily lick up the mess on the floor. Win win.

I am committing to cooking at home more! Not X amount of times a week because that is setting me up to fail but MORE, that I can do.

I also want to up my blogging game! I want to connect with you all weekly and share my clean recipes, healthy habits, #momlife, and lifestyle tips. You heard it hear first and help me stick to it! Message me ANYTHING! What do you want to know more about? I say it ALL THE TIME: I am not an expert but I love to research and I have some super educated friends that are always willing to help us out!

I encourage you to set a goal, stick to it as best you can, and if you veer of course…hop back on and keep it moving.


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