My latest (healthy) Obsession


One of the top reasons I love nutrition so much is that there is always MORE. There will always be more studies coming out, trending food, new snacks, seaweed bacon, juice, smoothies, superfoods, etc. Although overwhelming, it is exciting for me. I love going to the grocery store and finding new products. I love tasting new food combinations with my clients and reading a food blogger’s latest snack. I feel like I am eating my way through life and love it. Here are a few of my latest obsessions by some of my new and old favorite health advocates on the internet.

Dr. Axe’s Secret Detox Drink.   I love my lemon water, cayenne mixture but this takes my morning ritual to the next level. Make this in bulk and drink through out the day. It may take a minute to love it but I find it cleansing and energizing and have learned to love it.

The Skinny Confidential’s spicy pineapple snack. Sorry Lauryn, I could not find a link to the actual recipe… but she snapped this on snapchat (follow @laurynEvarts). Chop pineapple, sprinkle a gracious amount of cayenne over the pineapple and squeeze lemon over top. It is SO good and super addicting.

Another great recipe I picked up from Lauryn is dark chocolate stuffed raspberries. Check it out. It is my favorite snack at night to eat along a glass of kombucha tea.

I just picked up Lesserevil Buddha Wasabi Style Popcorn, holy cow. I am so tired of popcorn and even suggesting it to people but this was brought to my attention recently and I am in love. Low in calories so you can much on cups on cups while watching housewives at night.

Who does not love guacamole? This combo is to DIE for. Eat Yourself Skinny has the perfect guac. recipe that will beat out any other out there. I love hot and spicy but you can tone it down with less pepper or cayenne. (BUT HEY, it’s great for your metabolism) ..    Make sure to read the serving size on the back of your organic corn chips and portion your guac. on a separate plate. Many times I have made that mistake..           and it’s all gone.

Enjoy! Let us know your favorite mini meals or snacks. We would love feature it on here.



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