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I am back to let you know how the cleanse went. Listed are a few side effects that I had… which I have not had in my previous juice cleanses. I am still suspicious that I was fighting a virus due to the fact that most people in my life have been ill the past two weeks.

My cleanse was delivered to my door in a cooler bag with eighteen juices. I chose the three day cleanse 2 which contains green juice(S), citrus, lemon cayenne, and the most delicious dessert like almond drink for dinner. They all vary in natural sugar content and the cold pressed almond drink contains a bit more calories that seemed to settle my stomach for a good nights sleep.

A few things I experienced:

1) Never, ever plan to prepare a great amount of food for others when you are drinking juice. I planned meals like cereal and oatmeal as oppose to eggs and home cooked breakfasts I usually feed my kids. They were happy and content with their favorite cereal in the morning. I prepared their lunch at night while I felt satisfied with my almond drink and had my sweet boyfriend prepared dinners at night. I am thankful I have a guy who prepares delicious, healthy food to hold the fort down.  I did prepare them the easiest crockpot meal on earth that every household should prepare for chicken stew lovers.

2) My hunger would usually strike right around juice #5–mostly because I do not particularly love this blend of spicy lemonade. Don’t get me wrong, I love lemon water with a pinch of cayenne but this one is not my steeze.. Instead, I made my own. This was when our BEC tonic saved my cleanse life. Having a hot water after drinking cold all day is amazing. It sounds so simple but these simple things become strait bliss when you are on juice for days..

3) DO not set yourself up for failure! I reminded myself that many of us may feel like engulfing your furniture at some point during the cleanse. If a few techniques (breathe deep, nap, read a book, anything) do not work then be prepared with a few organic almonds (soaked in water overnight) , a clean and simple soup, or a light smoothie. How do you know when you should have a little “extra’? You will know. Shaky, starving, or “off”… grab a little something. You want this to be a positive experience. The almond drink saved my life every night.

4) Nap. I slept a LOT during my cleanse. If I did not cohabitate with angel children then this would not happen. I think I either napped or fell asleep early to gain an extra 5 hours of sleep each day. I have never experienced this in a cleanse(or life) because I had never been so tired. I freaking missed the most awful (but awesome) show on earth (the RHOBH<– see how I coded that so only the peeps know who KNOW) It was amazing.

5) This is the number that I am still confused about. I had a BANGING headache that would come and go. Now, I could have been fighting off a virus but whatever it was this detox was involved. I started my cleanse because I could feel my body was really off balance and incredibly achy. It subsided after practicing hot yoga. Each time I sweat and moved a bit I felt like a billion bucks. I was on such a high I wanted to write my teacher love notes. This could be different for each person depending on who you are(as far as movement). I do feel like a little sauna action(sweat) to make sure to move the toxins through is important. I would suggest a minimum of a brisk walk each day…

6) Do something for yourself. Get rubbed on by a professional. Getting a massage will help move the toxins through your body…. get a facial with someone who uses natural ingredients. Don’t feel bad. It’s for your health!

7) Each cleanse and each person is different. I feel as though this has been the most successful cleanse I have done yet. I rated my energy levels a 6 (on a scale of 1-10) pre cleanse and yesterday I was feeling a 10. My stomach is feeling a million times better and I have yet to truly break the cleanse. I have had a few more juices, nuts, and a bit of salmon but have not had any added or refined sugar, dairy, or grains. I will eventually be adding things back in but right now my body is just too damn happy.

My skin is brighter, my body feels lighter, and yes it is all rainbows from here. I have revamped my love for hot yoga and have meditation goals for the future.

**always consult a physician before doing a cleanse of any type.





2 comments on My Juice Cleanse Experience

  1. Rachel
    03/09/2015 at 1:26 pm (4 years ago)

    Mary this is such valuable information. You have convinced me. I am going to do a little more research and order one in the next few weeks. xoxo

  2. Tiffany
    03/11/2015 at 7:30 pm (4 years ago)

    Good info girl!


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