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If you have not heard of Vani Hari, aka the Food Babe then you must be living in a dark hole. Kidding, but you honestly need to hurry up and follow this girl because she has the potential to change your life. In fact, she has already had an enormous impact on every American’s life by challenging big food corporations who have turned their back on us (the consumer!). Everyone listen up, we cannot trust big food corporations to tell us what to eat. DO NOT trust food companies who claim their “healthy (lie), fiber filled, vitamin enhanced (fake),  low fat (low fat items are a no go)” boxed “food” is good for us! Why do I write “food” with the quotations? Because most processed food and fast food is only a food like substance. These food like substances are taking a huge, negative toll on our bodies and can lead to chronic disease when consumed over time. True statistic: If we continue this fast food, packaged madness and allow additives like unnatural hidden sugars, chemicals and preservatives in our food then we could be the first generation to outlive our children. Wait, what?! Take a sec. and digest that.. This makes my heart stop, ache and gives me chills. With all of this being said, understand we DO have the ability to take control of our health through education. We CAN save our next generation from this scary statistic by taking on these food corporations and demanding a healthier product and eating real food again.  It can be done because they are already doing it in other countries who have outlawed MANY of the additives that are in our food here in the United States.

Now I will tell you why The Food Babe is a total bad ass and introduce the most exciting book release of the year….  RELEASED TODAY, February 10th,  The Food Babe Way. <— seriously, I am so syked about this. When I first came across the Food Babe I was intrigued by her knowledge and similar perspective on nutrition. I am pretty strict where I send my clients to find recipes and information due to misleading and controversial information. It is a confusing world of nutrition out there and everyone is trying to make money by selling their product! But Vani Hari is the real deal and always sticks to her “real food” foundation. She is a wealth of information with delicious recipes to follow up. I love how she can tear apart a kelloggs product and follow up with a healthy alternative or recipe. It gives people the in site and the knowledge to think outside the box(pun intended) and prepare or buy a better product. I am even more proud and intrigued by the fact that this girl has made HUGE strides in the food industry and has muscled big corporations like Kraft, Kelloggs, Chipotle, Subway and MORE… she is literally taking these chemicals out of our children’s mouths. You can help her by joining the food babe army and help petition for these changes. I always tell people that your vote ACTUALLY counts there.

So let us talk about the red hot book, The Food Babe Way. We have been anticipating this book for so long now and I am happy to finally have a hard copy in hand. I have read it through and through and I am still in awe by the wealth of knowledge I gained since I picked up the book. I have been in the nutrition field for almost nine years now and I can honestly say I have picked up an enormous amount of information which I am excited to share with clients and in our corporate seminars. Every chapter contains vital information that will blow your mind, piss you off, support her point with studies and then lead you in a clear direction. One of my pet peeves in this industry is when a client is told that they are overweight and need to lose weight or they will develop heart disease and type 2 diabetes. They are then given a piece of paper with a few ideas(that usually suck!) which lead them nowhere.. absolutely no information or reference on what to do next. This actually happened. We need supportive information and a user friendly guide to better health! It is hard to find…    but this book may very well help lead you in the right direction!

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These are a few things you will learn in the The Food Babe Way:

Take the 21 day challenge where she lists a challenge every day to support her step by step process of getting off chemically laced foods

Avoid the top 15 ingredients that wreak havoc on our bodies.. aka aging us (like woa), making us fat, and tired. <– this one helped me a lot!

Learn about the tactics of the food industry and spot manipulate marketing to get us on and addicted to their God awful products

REPLACE the foods with delicious food that will shrink the waist line and more importantly, give us energy!

Front to back, this book will change your perspective on food and may put ten years on your life :D I truly believe The Food Babe Way should be prescribed to patients who are navigating their way to better health. I can only imagine what a positive impact this read could have on us as a nation.

We personally want to thank Vani for you from the bottom of our hearts for your hard work, love, sweat and tears. You are an inspiration to us and we will forever support you in your mission.

Order your book here and let us know what YOU think! I’m ready to see one of our BEC babes take the 21 day challenge!



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 Q&A  with Vani Hari, the Food Babe

What inspired you to write The Food Babe Way?
When I started to investigate the food industry and found out exactly what’s
in our food, I was shocked. I realized there was a lot of information out there
about the food industry no one knew, including me. I have made it my life’s
mission to tell people the truth about what’s in their food and how it could
affect their health, and now in this book I get to give people the most critical
information, and a roadmap for how to live in this overprocessed-food
When I started to understand what’s in my food, and changed my eating
habits and food choices, things dramatically shifted in my life. I went from
someone overweight and sick to a new being full of vibrant health. There’s a
way to survive and look good without always having to be on a diet. The
Food Babe Way contains the 21 essential habits that I taught myself to take
control of my health. This book is for anyone who is tired of the food
industry hijacking their taste buds, andwants to take matters into their own
hands and become their own food investigator, nutritionist, and food activist.
We have the power to change our health faster than anyone else, and I wrote
this book to show people how to do just that.

Your blog,, has millions of readers now. How did you
I began my food journey, like most people, by following the standard
American diet. As a successful management consultant, I was either in the
office eating whatever takeout was available, or on the road eating every
meal out. Although this lifestyle allowed me to fit in with my peers and
work crazy hours, it also took a huge toll on my body, and I became very ill.
Over the holiday season over ten years ago, I found myself in a hospital bed.
I was sick and overweight, and I was ready to change! I made a personal
promise that from that point on I was going to make health my number one
priority. was born in April 2011, from my years of learning,
investigating, and researching how to live a healthy lifestyle in this overly
processed world. As I learned more about the habits needed for a healthy
lifestyle and what dangerous ingredients to avoid, my friends and family
begged me to start a blog in order to share everything I had uncovered. My
first investigation was into my favorite yogurt chain. After the CEO
responded to my writings by yanking some of the misleading marketing, I
continued writing about the injustices and corrupt practices of the food
industry. Over the past three years, has grown to have a
readership of over four million inspired individuals who are seeking to lead
heathier lives and to rid our food system of deadly ingredients. It is through
the help of the entire Food Babe Army that the investigations and petitions
on have forced some of the largest food corporations to
change, including Kraft, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Subway, Anheuser-Busch,
and Starbucks.

What is the easiest good habit someone can start following today?
There is a reason I made this habit Day #1! Start your day with warm lemon
water and cayenne pepper. I love hearing how well people feel once they
start this ritual. Doing this one small habit every morning provides a super
stimulant to the liver, your main detoxing organ in the body. Keeping your
liver and digestive system clean and in optimal condition will help your
body prevent diseases like cancer in the future. Combining cayenne with
lemon increases the detoxing effect and raises the temperature of your body,
increasing your metabolism. Drinking this combination will cleanse your
body every single day safely and naturally. I plan to do it for the rest of my

What was your biggest lesson learned from writing The Food Babe
It was impossible to put everything I have discovered about our food system
in one book. I worked very carefully to choose what I felt were the most
urgent and important topics to share. On a personal level, writing this book
has taught me a great lesson about taking care of myself no matter how large
the project at hand. There were times when I let the stress of deadlines start
to impact my habits, but thankfully the message I was writing helped me get
back on track.

What is your advice to people just starting to implement healthy
changes in their lives?
In The Food Babe Way, I methodically take people through the healthy
changes they can make to live a more energetic and vibrant life while still
being exposed to the food system we have today. I share the life-changing
habits that have allowed me to maintain my weight for over a decade after
losing the extra pounds I had been holding onto for years. After learning to
maintain these habits, I have never had to diet again, despite the challenging
environment we live in, with an abundance of tricky marketing and addictive
additives in our food that make us eat more than we should.

What is the first and most important thing that someone should shift
about the way they eat?
The most important thing someone can do is to start reading ingredient
labels and stop looking at the front of packaging for information about the
product and its health benefits. Read labels and start to research. In The
Food Babe Way I highlight the top fifteen sickening ingredients to avoid if
you want to lose weight and feel and look years younger.

How would you respond to those who say eating healthy is too hard?
Eating healthy is a commitment. Just like anything in life, you have to take it
step by step and one day at a time. The Food Babe Way works because it is a
day-by-day approach to breaking free from the hidden toxins in your food.
This was the book I wish I’d had when I initially set out to lose weight and
start eating more healthy, and started learning about our food system and
how corrupt it has gotten.

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