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Some of the foods that we all should be eating everyday are SO GOOD it doesn’t seem like work to incorporate them into our diets.  Below are a few of my recent favorites that you probably already enjoy…obviously there are many more but this is what I am picking up from the store today:

  1. NUTS– almonds, macadamia nuts, pecans, and walnuts are full of fiber and those good fats we always hear about.  Keep some in your car, toss them on a salad, smoothie or oatmeal…they taste great and add the perfect crunch to just about anything.
  2. GREENS– ok so greens probably don’t appeal to everyone but I am adding them to my list BECAUSE you can easily (like, so easily) hide the taste in your smoothie.  They are anti-inflammatory and contain calcium and iron.  Just throw some, any kind you want, in your smoothie this week and call it a day.  You won’t even know they are there (except for the green color but whatever).
  3. CHERRIES– I am on a cherry kick, big time.  It’s hard to always find fresh, organic produce where we live so I have been buying bags (and bags and bags) of frozen tart cherries.  I take a few out of the freezer and place them in a bowl and eat them about five minutes later.  They are also delish in black bean brownies, smoothies, and over frozen yogurt.  Super tasty and loaded with antioxidants.
  4. OLIVE OIL– I am so over people being afraid of FAT.  Fat is not a bad word.  I love fat.  FAT FAT FAT.  Seriously.  Good fats keep us full, make our hair and skin look insane, and have loads of heart healthy benefits.  Olive oil is no exception.  I have been cooking with it less and less and using it mostly for marinades, salad dressings, and as a dipper with whole grain bread.  YUM.
  5. EGGS– I am currently obsessed with hard boiled eggs.  BUT I don’t care how you eat them, just eat eggs!  They’re loaded with protein and vitamins so I tend to eat one before or after a workout.  I prefer local pasture raised but if I can’t get local most grocery stores have pasture raised now too.
  6. AVOCADOS– I mean, duh, right?  I can’t believe I still know people who “hate” avocados.  No you don’t.  These guys have more of that good fat and are my favorite afternoon snack.  I just add a little pink salt and lemon juice.  Or make guacamole and a margarita if it makes you consume more avocado, whatever it takes.  Just do it.
  7. DARK CHOCOLATE– I thought I would end on a high note.  Antioxidant filled dark chocolate should be in your cabinets, always.  It’s such a strong flavor that I literally can have a bite (not in an obnoxious way, like oh one bite and I am full, pleeease) and feel like my sweet tooth is satiated.  Try it.  You can’t go wrong really.  Just try not to eat the entire bar.  In one day.  But if you do, don’t beat yourself up.


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PS I have been reading a lot of great magazines lately that are full of healthy food ideas: Health, Women’s Health and Eating Well, just to name a few. Check them out!

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