Juicing Part II

As I mentioned before, it took a bit of convincing to bite the bullet and buy a Breville Juicer but I have had it  for a week now and I. Am. Obsessed.  And you know what? I have barely even looked up any recipes.

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I have had a ton of success (luck?) just winging it.  I will tell you, I am no juice expert but I am somewhat of a juice connoisseur.  WHENEVER I am traveling in addition to researching (stalking) fabulous restaurants, cool lounges, and fun workout studios, I always look for and frequent juice bars.  In Vegas this past spring I walked four miles to get a juice at The Canyon Ranch Grille at the Venetian.  It was $16.00.  SIXTEEN DOLLARS. After I tucked my bulging eyes back into my head I paid the SIXTEEN DOLLARS and drank my juice.  I am not proud of this purchase but in the midst of a debaucherous Vegas weekend, I thought it was a smart (stupid) choice.  Anyway, the point is I seek out juice everywhere.

When making my first juice run at the my grocery store, I picked up celery, ginger, jalapeno, cucumbers, parsley, APPLES, lemons, and limes.


A few things I have learned from Tiff, Mary and some I have discovered myself:

Do not EAT APPLE SEEDS.  They are bad.  Period.  Core your apples.  I do this roughly and quickly by slicing off four sides.
Drink your juice on an empty stomach.
CHEW your juice.  Like, for real.  Something about enzymes and absorption.  Whatever, you went to the trouble of making juice, just chew it. (I think I read this tip on food babe)
Don’t eat immediately after as it can result in an upset stomach.
With lemons and limes, I roughly ‘peel’ but leave a lot of the white on.  I do not de-seed either.
I wash cucumbers and then use the whole thing in its entirety, never cutting into it.
Jalapeno, I cut a small piece off and yes, I use the seeds.  I like heat.
Ginger, I cut a half thumb size chunk and leave peel on
Clean your machine immediately after juicing.  I can’t imagine letting all that crap dry onto my pretty, new machine and then having to deal with it later.

Once everything is rinsed and sitting next to your sink drying, the time has come to enjoy your amazing magical juice!  I pour mine over ice and drink it with a silicone straw.  Slowly, and I CHEW it.  Ahhhhhh!  So good!

Those ingredients are my staples but yesterday I had a pint of tomatoes I needed to use so I added the whole thing to my juicer with a piece of ginger, a lemon, a lime, celery, and romaine and it was DELISH.

The possibilities are like, for real, endless.   Another combo I tried Sunday night was an entire grapefruit (treated like a lemon regarding peeling) and a piece of jalepeno.  So refreshing and tasty.  I haven’t tried this yet but I am thinking I want to juice strawberry and basil?  Cucumber and mint?  Ginger and peach?

Inspire me!  What are some other combos?  Any juice fails?
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