I WAS a Complete Skeptic…Until Now

chickpea blondies


Y’all.  I just made these Blondies from Ambitious Kitchen and they are insane.  Let me start by saying as much as I LOVE hummus, I do not like chick peas straight up. Like, at all.  Really, the only reason I tried this was because (shocking) I had everything to make them and was dying for something sweet.  I was pretty close to hitting up Kroger for a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts so drastic measures had to be taken. Like chick peas in my dessert bars.



ingredients rtp


Anywho, the BATTER alone is DELICIOUS and safe to eat RAW so if you never get to the actual bars, you’ll get no judgement from me.  I used sweetened cacao nibs because that’s what I had but try chocolate chips or dark chocolate, whatever you want.  I also used a combo of honey and maple syrup to sweeten.


batter rtp


I don’t post a recipe on the blog unless I like it a lot BUT I LOVE THIS ONE.  It is going to become a staple around here without a doubt.  I love that they’re gluten free, dairy free, and healthy.  TRY IT!


final rtp
Just standing over the final product eating straight from the pan with a FORK!


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