How to cut out over 100 POUNDS of sugar this year by changing one thing.



After reading Mary’s ideas for New Years Resolutions, I decided to do a little continuation on one of her recommendations. Drinks.

I live in the south where people just love sweet tea. But I came from New York where so many people start their day with a Starbucks non-fat pumpkin spice latte. In Portland, they go crazy for Egg Nog Lattes, in Los Angeles the obsession is Frappuccino’s. I know tons of college students who boost their day with a 20-ounce soda or an energy drink.

So today is the day to check out a few calculations on how much sugar we are ingesting from these drinks.


1) Starbucks Grande Non-fat Pumpkin Spice Latte—NO whipped cream—

pumpkin spice latteImagine how people would look at you if you opened up 12 packets of sugar and dumped them into your coffee……this is what you are doing without knowing it.

4,471.25 packets of sugar

71,540 calories from just sugar

93 cups of sugar

20 pounds of weight*

2) Apple, Kiwi, Kale Smoothie from Smoothie King (medium) —this information should terrify you, just when you thought you were being “healthy.”

apple, kale smoothie king smoothieThe deception of this ad literally makes me sick. They spend millions of dollars to make you think these are healthy. It is NOT your fault.

8,486.25 packets of sugar

135,780 calories from sugar

176 cups of sugar (a portion is coming from natural sugar from fruit)

38 pounds of weight*

3) One 16 ounce bottle of Minute Maid Orange Juice –this is nothing like fresh squeezed orange juice or cold pressed orange juice.Orange juice

4,380 packets of sugar

70,080 calories from sugar

91 cups of sugar

20 pounds of weight*


4) One 20-ounce Coke or other soda. (and diet coke is just as bad if not worse, we’ll talk about that another time.)


At least we know we are having lots of sugar when we drink soda. 

5,931 packets of sugar

94,896 calories from sugar

123 cups of sugar—Yuck.

27 pounds of weight*


5) A medium sweet tea from McDonald’s and most other places too. 

sweet tea

Again, if you were in a restaurant and ordered sweet tea are you REALLY going to dump 14 packets of sugar into your tea without being slightly embarrassed?

5,110 packets of sugar

81,760 calories from sugar

106 cups of sugar

23 pounds of weight*

*WEIGHT:This information is based on 3500 calories equaling one pound. However, I personally believe each person loses weight very differently so this number varies greatly between each individual. Please see Mayo Clinic’s article for more details.

So if you are consuming any of the above or something similar (AKA, any soda, coffee mate creamers, juices from concentrate, sweetened lattes, Frappuccino’s, energy drinks, Vitamin Waters, Snapples, many of the Smoothie King and Tropical Smoothie “smoothies” haha…….trade it out. Swap it for a 20 ounce water or a Kombucha with less than 10 grams of sugar, or a sparkling water with some freshly squeezed fruit.  Check out some of these ideas to make your water more appealing.

What will happen if you do this? You will feel so much better. You will NOT go on the sugar rollercoaster of gaining some temporary energy and then crashing and grabbing for MORE sugar. Your cravings for sugar will go down tremendously. (Once you get a taste of this white stuff it’s pretty hard to stop…..if not all out impossible. Trust me, I’ve been there.) You will GAIN ENERGY. You will LOSE WEIGHT.

So basically you would be much better off having a Hershey’s bar every day–NOT that I am recommending that, just making a point. These hidden sugars are destroying our bodies on the inside and out and making us feel like crap. Contributing to heart disease and causing diabetes. So just do it. Make this swap. Start today.

Breaking the sugar habit is not easy. But it can happen one step at a time. This is your first step to gaining your health back this year. I know you can do it.  And just for the record the American Heart Association recommends 6 added teaspoons (packets) of sugar per day for women, 9 for men, and 3 for children. With just this one drink you are already way over the recommendations for good health.


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