How do you survive airport food?

starbucks meal
And don’t be fooled by the so called “Farmer’s Market” at the airport.

farmers market
The watermelon and water cost $9!  I had to throw the watermelon away because it was nasty.  Learn from my mistakes…please!

Okay. It’s not easy. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack to eat something semi-healthy. So I want to save you guys the stress, the annoyance, and the cash. In your average airport there is most likely a Starbucks. Well, unless you live in little ole Lynchburg, Va like me in which case the only food or drink you can purchase comes from a vending machine. But if you are traveling and starving and didn’t have time to pack some food and you don’t want your stomach to explode, or eat a 1,000 calorie lunch, or spend 15 bucks on a mediocre salad… do this.

Go to Starbucks and get the original oatmeal with hot water and add some steamed whole milk or soy milk(the soy is organic and adds a nice sweetness to your oatmeal )and ask for a cup of ice water. The water is free and that way  your entire purchase is only three bucks. They will give you three bags of “stuff” to accompany your oatmeal. Listen to this part… is important. Don’t just dump all three bags in your oatmeal. Each bag has 100 calories in it, which is 300 calories in addition to your oatmeal which already has 160 for a total of 460 calories. You get raisins/cranberries, walnuts/almonds, and brown sugar. If you like sweet, put all the cranberries and add the nuts for protein, but only 1/2 the brown sugar.  I don’t use the brown sugar but it took me a while for my taste buds to get used to that. If this is going to be a snack you can cut down on the calories and sugar and only put 1/2 the nuts, 1/2 the cranberries, and a teeny bit of brown sugar.   NOW….this will help add yumminess. Sprinkle a bunch of cinnamon on the oatmeal. This will help cut down your desire for sugar, it tastes great, and cinnamon is so good for you. (an antioxidant and helps with inflammation) And there you have it. THREE DOLLAR AIRPORT MEAL THAT IS HEALTHY! It’s sort of like a mini miracle.

Five reasons why I avoid the other airport food.

1) The salads are usually $9.00 and aren’t fresh and offer crappy dressings filled with chemicals.
2)The sandwiches are about $9.00 and are heavily processed meats filled with chemicals and lets not even get into how bad the bread is for you.
3) A semi decent salad in a restaurant will usually run about $15.00 and it’s not even great.
4) The muffins have as much sugar as eating a cupcake. A really big cupcake.
5) “Juice and Smoothie” places are usually LOADED with added sugar.

Five items to take if you have time:

1) Kind or Lara Bar (usually available at airport too)
2) Apple and a packet of Justin’s peanut butter
3) Home made trail mix
4) Clementine and a bag of almonds
5) Banana and a bag of pumpkin seeds

Click here for more snack ideas.

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