Holiday Hangover Help…Yes, I’m Going There…


So let’s be honest, as much as we {attempt to} live a clean, healthy lifestyle we are only human.  And we make mistakes with our diet, we {sometimes} slack on our workouts, and we have our vices.  Around the holidays, it is easy to overindulge on alcohol especially. I mean it’s everywhere!  Wine at lunch, champagne at brunch, cocktails at happy hour…how is one to stay balanced!?

Let me help you…

First off, did you realize that when you suffer from a “hangover” in the morning it means you consumed toxic levels of alcohol the night before?  I know, don’t remind me, right? Well, you can start to ward off a hangover actually before you even start drinking.  Here are my tried and true hangover helpers…tested over and over just for you (what can I say, I am very dedicated to our readers).

1. The day you know you’re going to have a big night out, HYDRATE.  Drink even more water than usual.  Add some cold pressed coconut water into the mix as well.  I literally chug water the day of a big party or event.  Along the same lines, once you start boozing, KEEP CHUGGING WATER.  You will thank me the next day. In between martinis, ask for a glass of soda water or carry a bottle water with you the whole night.

2. Okay back to the day of, EAT.  Admittedly I am guilty of “forgetting” to eat enough before I drink.  I am too excited to see whoever that evening, rock a new outfit, squeeze in a last minute workout, whatever.  But, that’s really dumb.  Eat a small meal before going out.  No lie this will save you a lot embarrassment, a major headache and often prevent you from overeating at the dinner/party/gathering.

3. While you’re out and about drinking your clean cocktail, remember it is not a race to reach the bottom of your glass faster than your friends.  (Looking at you Richmond girlies).  Slow down, enjoy the fun, and try to drink in moderation.  As far as mixing beer/wine/liquor…I don’t know if I buy into all that.  I usually will have a clean cocktail to kickstart the night (think vodka, soda water, the juice of a whole lemon, a rosemary sprig), a glass of wine at dinner and then depending on where the night is headed, more cocktails or wind down the night completely.

4. Before hitting the hay, drink a lot of water.  A bottle, a large glass, whatever.  I also take a shot of ACV because it is a habit I started months ago.  If you are really feeling like keeping that hangover at bay, oil pull for a bit before going to bed. When I remember to do this, I promise it helps.

5. SLEEP.  I honestly do not drink a drop unless I know I am going to have at least eight hours to sleep before I am committed to be anywhere/do anything the next day.  This helps every aspect of life but especially when partying.

6.  The morning after…have I mentioned water?  DRINK. MORE. WATER. As soon as you wake up.  Have a warm glass of water with lemon juice and cayenne.  Or the BEC tonic!  This will help flush you out and hydrate you.

7.  Don’t hate me for this but…WORK OUT.  It’s like the last thing in the world we feel like doing the morning after right?  But it’s the best.  Sweat out the toxins, get your blood pumping, and start to feel human again!

8. Final rule of thumb?  EAT AGAIN.  Make the BEC green smoothie, have a healthy egg scramble, or be a slacker (me) and go to Whole Foods or your local market and get a clean sandwich or salad.

There you have it.  These tricks will not I REPEAT will not eliminate a hangover tomorrow if you have hundreds of drinks tonight, but try to follow them when you can, spend the majority of your life living clean and balanced, and when you do overindulge…remember it’s okay!  Don’t beat yourself up…but do go have another glass of water.


Happy New Year, y’all!

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