Hip! Hip! Puree!


Ok, that was a little much, I admit it. AND I promise all my posts are not going to be baby centric from now on!

But, Aubrey recently turned six months old and I have been LOVING making him homemade, CLEAN, (questionably) delicious purees to eat a few times a day.

Before anyone yells at me, yes I know “before baby turns one, food is just for fun“.  And it is!  So far he has enjoyed pureed sweet potatoes, carrots, TONS of avocado, green beans, squash, zucchini and green peas. We have recently gotten into spices as well.  He has had curry, turmeric, and pepper.

He began, as most babies do, trying rice cereal based on the advice from our pediatrician at four months old. Um, have you seen (much less tasted) rice cereal?  It’s more like a mush?  So we quickly moved on to purees.

I know this is going to seem super basic to most of you mama pros but I had no idea what I was doing and realized a lot of my new mom friends didn’t either!

Sidenote: I had a personal goal of nursing Aubrey for a year. I nursed for four months exclusively and then off and on with formula until five months when he went all formula (we chose Earth’s Best Brand Organic Formula at the recommendation of my sister in law and it has been great to us so far).  And you know what? I am thrilled I made it that long and with my decision. (enter hand waving bye emoji)

So….back to purees.  I buy a bag of organic frozen vegetables that have NO other ingredients in them (always make sure). I boil them for about twenty minutes (let’s be honest, at least ten) and then add about four scoops of formula to the watery mixture or I drain and add 6-8 ounces of breastmilk from my frozen stash.  I let this cool a bit then blend in my Vitamix, I have learned you do not have to cook avocado so I just add ripe avocado to the vitamix with either formula or milk FYI.


Another sidenote: Make sure your vitamix is thoroughly cleaned.  A lot of times I make a smoothie and then just rinse it out, but before making something Aubrey is going to eat I make sure there is zero residue of things that could be dangerous to him at this stage like honey.

Once blended, pour your fancy puree into your fancy baby food trays (aka ice cube trays with tops) and freeze for a day.

Then I pop them out and put two or three each in breast milk bags, identify the ingredients and the date on the outside, and throw them back in the freezer.

Purees taste better at the beach!


Each morning Aubrey has a bag that I heat up in my Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer. I serve it to him with a silicone tipped baby spoon and although it’s a HUGE mess, he loves it!

He is all smiles and for those of you who say it’s not good to give your babies food yet, don’t give YOUR babies food yet!!  And for those of you who are curious, I encourage you to try it.  My sister in law told me another benefit. She says teaching them to eat from a spoon this early helps their speech development later on. It is a win win in our house.

I have made the choice not to introduce sweeter fruits alone yet, just veggies sometimes blended with fruit but my advice to you is do whatever the heck you want! Just be safe and make sure you’re sticking to Stage 1 veggies and fruits when they are 4-6 months old.  At his six month appointment our pediatrician told us to go ahead and introduce peanut butter so we have and surprise, he loves it. We mix a little organic peanut butter (with no ingredients other than a little sea salt) with water and he sucks it off the spoon! He is also starting to have “bites” of things, not just purees. I plan to try eggs next…

When I don’t have time to make my own or we are traveling, I have found that Aubrey loves Plum Organic Purees.  I squeeze the goodness out and feed it to him with a spoon.

And in case you forgot, I am not a doctor or an expert but I am happy to share with you things that work for me and my little boy (I love it when you guys do the same, um, hello we could all use a little help).


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