Nutrition and Health Conference: Rebecca Katz Feature

I am still dreaming and brainstorming about  the Nutrition and Health Conference that Dr. Andy Weil puts on each year and let me tell you.. it was one of the better experiences I have ever had as far as education in the nutrition field. Each person that stepped on stage provided amazing information that I am so excited to implement in my practice. Not only did we enjoy the kick ass world renown faculty, we also had an amazing time exploring one of the most beautiful resorts, ever. If you want to stay in the desert , zero humidity with beautiful landscaping (it’s own world.. you have no idea you are in the desert), a pool that has cabana boys+girls running around happy to serve delicious food, work out classes, gym, amazing locker room, golf, tennis, ok it is non stop amazing amenities.. the Biltmore it 9 is.  We were so blissed out. 

The Arizona Biltmore

I want to highlight one of our favorite people in life thus far, Rebecca Katz. Rebecca’s energy and passion for food is undeniable. She BROUGHT it(killed it, made us happy, energized us) , filled the room with smiles, aroma, and motivation to get in the kitchen a COOK. Rebecca proved that she can take an ordinary kitchen feeding the masses at our conference and make it “clean” and delicious. All of our snacks and meals were involved Rebecca’s intervention and collaboration with the cooks at the Biltmore. She was able to bring what we were learning in the conference center to life on our plate. I was so happy with every meal the conference provided us and I think all who attended definitely agreed. Check out her site for more recipes and find her book here. She is so much fun and speaks my language. As you will see, she is a “food fondler” and refers to her homemade sauce as her “bling”.

Try her versatile “dallop” recipe that can go with fish, chicken, and/or veggies! Keep it in the fridge and bring your food to life. As Rebecca says, bring the BLING girl..

Hope every mom had an amazing Mother’s Day!!!

xo, Mary

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