Headache Got You Down? #quickfix

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Sure, we all hear about the benefits of essential oils and a lot of us have diffusers in our homes or keep oils close by for various reasons but..y’all, this tip is AWESOME!  I have NEVER been a headache sufferer but lately I have had a few that seem to really slow me down.  So annoying.  I’m no doctor but I talked to mine about this tip and he approves.

Check out this article from Dr. Axe and go out and buy some lavender and peppermint oil ASAP.  I haven’t tried rosemary or eucalyptus but I have tried peppermint and lavender MULTIPLE times and they work!  I often dilute them with a bit of coconut oil and rub on my neck, my temples, my shoulders, and my chest and the relief is near instant.

Try them and let me know what you think!  So. Many. Possibilities. 

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PS Obvi, don’t be crazy.  If you have recurring headaches or fear that your situation could be serious, GO TO THE DOCTOR.

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