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Guys….fish, should NOT smell like FISH! It should smell like nothing when it is fresh. And get ready….you just may fall in love with me after you read this. I am going to turn you on to my all time FAVORITE place to buy fish. You can get it while sitting on the couch chilling having a cup of tea, or before your exercise class when you had 5 minutes to spare, or even at work if you can grab a 5 minute break. It is called Vital Choice Seafood and it’s this crazy on-line company that ships directly to your front door and the fish is sooooooo fresh you can shove your nose in it. Mind you, I have never actually done this, however, I have often been tempted for some odd and unknown reason. Getting back to the fish. Salmon is seriously jam-packed with health benefits. It is high in omega 3’s which is why so many people take fish oil supplements. Omega 3’s help lower cholesterol and triglycerides, good source of healthy fat which is great for brain function, baby development, and depression. It can help reduce symptoms of ADHD, Alzheimer’s AND helps with inflammation too! So bring on the salmon, you can’t go wrong!

Some research suggests that omega-3 may help protect against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and have a positive effect on gradual memory loss linked to aging. But that’s not certain yet.It’s not just salmon, it’s cod, halibut, tuna, lobster,shrimp, etc.,  and ……And OH MY GOSH, the wild blueberries…… might just write me a thank you letter right now for clueing you in on these beautiful blue masterpieces. And the fact that they are wild is an extra nutrition bonus because they have a lower glycemic index (which means the sugar will hit your bloodstream at a slower rate so you won’t get the sugar spike). They also have organic strawberries which I just adore in my smoothies or in a decadent bowl of chocolate fondue my 10 year old son likes to periodically whip up.

Check them out! Vital Choice Seafood. Flash frozen and packed in dry ice fresh to your door. I also like the fact that they offer free shipping with a decent size order. TIP: to thaw just keep in packaging and place in cold water. Individual pieces thaw within 30 minutes. Full filets take a little longer.

Enjoy my friends!!!!

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