Get your Hot Cocoa ON: BEC style

Okay, sweet, savory, hot and chocolate… this is one of my favorite posts so far. We have mad issues here in the United States with adding ingredients that are totally unnecessary to our food. It actually makes my blood boil when I see things like LOW SUGAR (aka nasty ass fake sugar), CALCIUM, and other things that make us think we are doing it better… it is a better choice. Don’t be fooled- we are here to help you enjoy the better things in life while keeping it as clean as possible. This is a GREAT example!

It has been awhile since I have done any research on what big brands like Swiss Miss, Nestle, Hershey’s and Cafe Escapes by Keurig(<insert sultry french accent>).  I am not impressed and definitely inspired to let our BEC hunnies know that you CAN have hot cocoa with out the stress and mess of gross chemicals in your body. See the BEC STYLE HOT COCOA  video on Tiffany’s three ingredient hot cocoa. The beauty of the BEC syle hot cocoa steeze is that you can add any type of dairy your heart desires. Organic raw milk, grass-fed milk, almond milk, coconut milk… aaaaahmazing. Your own cocoa. Plus you can put it in a cute mason jar to store, wrap some pretty ribbon on it and you got yourself a pretty cute prezzie. I will be hitting you up with a hot cocoa my kiddos have on the reg that involves raw organic cocoa (LOADED with antioxidants, superfood), organic unrefined coconut oil, date, and milk. Blender style. OMG.

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