Food Subscription Service Home Chef…I Finally Tried It!

Remember like forever ago I wrote a blog about food subscription services?  Well a million months later I finally pulled the trigger, thanks to some nudging from a girlfriend of mine in Richmond who LOVES Home Chef.

She sent me a discount code (woohoo) and I ordered three nights worth of meals for two with free shipping for $39.99.  Yes, that was discounted by $20 but what a steal either way for six dinners!


I was able to look through SEVERAL options and give specific dietary restrictions if I wanted (gluten free, vegetarian, no dairy, etc). My first questions were is the produce organic, is the seafood wild caught, and is the protein hormone free?

Unfortunately, I still don’t know the answers (enter sad face emoji).  Home Chef states that they use organic products “whenever possible” but they don’t tell you on the actual products which is a definite concern.

However, sometimes convenience is number one and Home Chef is nothing if not SUPER CONVENIENT.

It is delivered to your door packed in ice with all ingredients pre-portioned out.  You have to do some minor chopping of veggies but EVERYTHING else is the exact amount you need.  Think: tiny containers of mustard, salt packets, cumin packets,

Each meal comes with a full color recipe card with photos and instructions down to the plating.  Then, when you’re finished you just pluck the card into the three ring binder they send you with your first order.


I can see how this concept would really appeal to people who never cook or don’t know how but for me, an avid home cook, it’s great because I can follow the recipes as much or as little as I want.  I can use my ingredients when I want and add to the items sent to me.  For example, I obviously don’t use the table salt they sent but instead replace it with pink salt (no brainer).


You can skip weeks whenever you want and cancel anytime so you have nothing to lose.  It is worth a try for sure!  I have liked all six of the meals I have tried so far and have three more coming next week.


Have you tried Home Chef, Plated, Blue Apron or any other food subscription services?  Let us know!



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