Food Babe’s Chia Pudding

chia puddingfood babes chia pudding

So we love Food Babe.  Duh, she is an amazing investigator of popular food items that we all put in our bodies or used to anyway.  Tiffany and Mary got to meet her when she spoke in Virginia this winter.  So cool!  But Food Babe is also a wonderful cook with fab recipes.

Douglas really has a sweet tooth so I wanted to make him something tonight that we could eat on for a couple nights after dinner to satiate him.  I found that in food babe’s chia pudding.  It wasn’t that sweet which was refreshing!  Mine was a little watery but I think it is because I used up the container of Almond Milk that I had and it was a little more than the recipe called for.  But, final verdict?  Sour, tasty, sweet, cinnamon…delicious.
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