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As I write this I am on a lovely vacation with my “other” family, my husband’s parents and his (our) siblings and their spouses.  With the insanity that is the holiday season, we are having so much fun at a mountain ski resort just being together, skiing, yoga-ing, eating, chilling, reading…you get the idea.

Tiffany, Mary and I love to travel and are always planning our next trip, whether it is for business, pleasure, to visit a friend or family member, to do research for BEC, to go to a yoga retreat (eeeek!) whatever.

Only downside for me…and I admit it.  When it comes to travel, by way of train, plane, or automobile…I am a sucker for SNACKS.

I literally can’t get enough.  My husband knows he cannot stop at a gas station if we are driving more than an hour without me hopping out to get a bag of almonds, a coconut water, a regular water, maybe a hummus pack…the struggle is real people.

So I have made a list of CLEAN, acceptable travel treats that even if you have zero travel-snacking willpower, you can enjoy these pretty much guilt free….just try not to eat them ALL in one sitting!

1. Eden Organic Dry Roasted Pumpkin Seeds are everything.  I am a savory much more than sweet kind of girl and these have a salty protein packed crunch that according to their website also contain fiber, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Just be careful because the healthy fat in these nuts can add up!

pumpkin seeds

2. An almost rotten banana and Justin’s Maple Almond Butter Packet-If you have ever flown anywhere with me, you know I always have a couple of these in my carry on.  People around you will be staring with envy.  It is SO good.  The combination gives you dietary fiber so you feel full plus Vitamin C and potassium.  Make sure you squeeze and move the packet around for several minutes though so it gets nice and creamy, I like to sit on mine for a bit, do whatever floats your boat.  Then I rip off a corner and just squeeze onto each banana bite!  Ask for napkins, duh.


3. An Avocado-This can get a little messy but…before you leave home slice your avocado in half lengthwise to the seed BUT DO NOT OPEN.  Throw it in a plastic bag and also pack a paper bowl.  When you get settled in your seat, ask the flight attendant for plastic utensils.  Boom.  Unscrew your avocado and go to town!  Bonus if you remember to pack pink salt and lemon wedges!

4. Any fruit or veg will do-whatever floats your boat.  If you know you have something in your bag from home, you will be less apt to buy the super overpriced junk that seems to beckon you (me) from the newspaper shops on Concourse C.  Apples are perfect, an orange or grapefruit, grapes, baby cucumbers, carrots, celery…the key is to be prepared before you get to the airport.

5. Ok for those of you with a sweet tooth, bear with me here.  Dark Chocolate Covered Hemp Seeds are on fleek.  The hemp is toasted so this snack is crunchy, sweet, full of antioxidants, gluten free and loaded with magnesium, copper, and fiber!  DO NOT EAT THE ENTIRE BAG….on one flight, but these things are addictive!


6. Last but not least…but definitely least glamourous…good old H2O.  You know how everyone tells you that flying dehydrates you and you should drink more water if you will be flying?  Yeah?  Well that’s because it’s true. Just do it.  DRINK WATER every chance you get.  Buy an overpriced huge bottle, accept the free cups they are handing out mid flight, bring organic tea bags and ask for hot water so you can get water and the benefits of tea that way as well.

Now, off you go, travel somewhere fantastic with someone you adore.  Then tag us in a pic with your favorite in flight bites!

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