Dry Brushing Part 2…by the Professionals at SPA 4109

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Hopefully you saw my post on dry brushing at home with this viddie by the food babe recently.  I have gotten into a (pretty) good rhythm lately but wanted to get dry brushed by a professional to talk to her about the process.  I went to see Kathy at SPA 4109 in my neighborhood in Lynchburg for the 60 minute treatment and learned a lot.  She provided me with a handout that listed the following benefits:

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She also gave me several tips:

1. Always brush toward your arm pits from your back and arms and up toward your groin from your legs, this is where your lymphatic system drains and you will release the most toxins.

2. Brush your stomach in a clockwise motion (wild!).  This is due to how the digestive system works and gives the most stimulation.

3. Never dry brush while pregnant.

4. Always, always drink a lot of water after dry brushing to flush out the toxins you’ve just woken up and get them out of your body asap!

5. Dry brushing is a good idea any time of year but especially in the winter months when you have even more skin to slough off.

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See that little white box? That warms the towels that she placed over my feet and under my neck….AMAZING.

Kathy had me start lying face up on a large piece of plastic (to catch all of my dead skin, duh).  After brushing everywhere (it felt awesome, gentle but effective) she slathered me with a super moisturizing lotion then rolled me into a cocoon of the plastic and blankets.  I loved it but she warned if someone is claustrophobic, he/she may not love that part.

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After about five minutes I shimmied out of the cocoon and plastic and enjoyed a mini Swedish massage that was seriously heavenly.  Maybe the combo of the brushing then the soothing massage is what my body was craving because I could have sat there all day (and I tend to get antsy in a massage, not this time).

I am hooked.  Kathy suggests getting professionally dry brushed once a month (I know I will now!) and if brushing at home, once a week is sufficient.

Give it a try y’all, my skin looks and feels great and I am hoping my insides are looking better too!

SPA 4109
4109 Boonsboro Road
Lynchburg, VA 24503


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