Do You Like Pina Coladas?


I know I do.

But they are generally LOADED with sugar (and alcohol) so I don’t get them very often.  However I came across this recipe for A Healthy Green Pina Colada and HAD TO TRY IT.  It has some of my favorite ingredients: spinach, pineapple, mango and banana.  I made it yesterday morning to kick off my week and have to say I am adding it to the smoothie rotation in our house.




I used what I had (added extra, extra Zen greens and used almond instead of coconut milk) but otherwise didn’t change a thing.  I wouldn’t make this everyday as it has a lot of fruit but definitely worth making weekly.  Another thing, I didn’t love it with Zen greens…it was a little bitter.  I made it again with spinach and it was PERFECT.  So play around with it by adding what you love and taking away what you don’t.




Another delicious green smoothie to put in your arsenal!



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