DETOX {handgun emoji} Super Soup

I say handgun emoji because I hate the word ‘detox’.  Our body is the most amazing natural detoxifier, like, ever yet we are all (myself included) constantly trying to juice, cleanse, reset, and detox with the latest and greatest whatever!  I too am guilty of this but wish we would all just try and balance out life 24|7 instead of going to {sometimes} extreme measures to get back on track.  Okay, stepping down off my detox soapbox.

One afternoon while doing a google search for “detox” (UGH!), I stumbled across this adorable website and this soup.  I am not going to judge the fact that it is called Healthy Detox Soup.  In fact, I will embrace it.  I made a batch for me and my husband to eat all week. Not to detox but to enjoy!  It looked so good!  And it is!

detox soup
Prepping my veggies.

Of course I changed it up a little bit in the following ways:

  1. Instead of leeks (which I could not find at my local store), I used spring onions and a lot of them.
  2. Left out the rutabaga and the pinto beans, just because.
  3. I added a one inch piece of lemongrass and a one inch piece of ginger.  I didn’t chop them up because I don’t want those strong flavors to overpower the entire soup, but i want a hint of them in there.
  4. Threw in a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar for good measure and sprinkling of lemon zest.

Find the full recipe here.

That’s it.  I followed the rest of the directions and let it simmer all afternoon.  It was satisfying and savory.  Douglas asked that it make it every Monday…win!

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