Conscious Box….Yippeeeeee!


Y’all remember my fabulous Floridian friend Jenn who gave me the great idea for a housewarming gift a while back?  Well she has struck again…I got an email the other day that says “Your Conscious Box is on it’s way!”  Come to find out Jenn had signed me up for this super cool monthly service (THANKS JENN!)

I google it and start getting SO excited for what is headed my way!  Have you heard of this?  It looks amazing!  This is what I learned from their website:


Conscious Box helps you discover healthier choices. Our personalized subscription service lets you sample the best natural, non-GMO products, every month. Find something you like? Pick up full-size favorites at deep discounts. It’s that simple. Conscious Box makes living healthy easier than ever.

Doesn’t this look like the perfect Rachel gift or gift for anyone in your life who loves to try new things, receive fun mail, and balances a clean lifestyle?!

Welllllllll, I got my CB just a couple of days later and honestly, it is the coolest.  Here is what it looked like when I opened it up.


There was TOO much in it to tell you about every item but here are some of my favorites:

Saffron Road Crunchy Chipotle Chickpeas-These are the perfect snack to keep in the car and eat whenever you need a crunchy, salty fix.  They are delicious!

YOUR TEA-These teas are kind of insane.  The one in my CB was Tiny Tea and the deal here is you are supposed to steep and drink it thirty minutes before each meal. It is a detox tea that aids in bloating, indigestion, problem skin, cellulite, and MORE.  If you check out their website, they have loads of varieties to cure different ailments (specifically: hangovers) and for your ever changing moods!

SANT-Ok so this is kind of weird wild.  Sant comes in this tiny little ziplock bag and it’s a DRIED. SUPERFRUIT.  You drop it into water and it transforms your plain old water into a SUPERFRUIT BEVERAGE.  Kind of amazing.  They are close to their goal on Kickstarter so if you want to know more or throw them a buck, check them out.

Natralia Dry Skin Lotion– PERFECT for this time of year.  My box had small packets that I am going to keep in my car and use as needed.

Carolla’s Beeswax Skin Creme-This is awesome for cuticles and dry knuckles and chapped elbows.  Non-greasy and soaks right into (my) scaly, gross winter skin.

Back to Nature Fruit Punch Pouch-Um, can I just say what a treat it is to get a tasty beverage in the mail?  OMG.  I chilled it in the fridge, poured it into a sparkly wine glass and enjoyed for my dessert.

This is just a quick summary…I am telling you, Conscious Box is the real deal and was loaded with way more than just what I listed.  It’s always non-GMO and would be the perfect gift for yourself or someone else!  In case you’re on the fence I will make sure to let you guys know what’s in my next box.  Aaaaand if you don’t want to commit to the monthly subscription but want to try something from the box, I have linked the products that are available for purchase on amazon! Enjoy!


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